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Ben Napier Weight Loss: How HGTV Star lost 55 Pounds?

Image of Ben Napier

HGTV’S “Home Town” star, author, entrepreneur, and renovation expert, Ben Napier, is loved by Home Town fans all over the world. The Mississippi-based 6’6 inched big man left fans stunned with his drastic weight loss.


The massive weight loss result

Amidst his involvement in the 3rd season of HGTV’s hit television show, Home Town, Napier had already lost around 35 pounds. Keeping that pace, the star was successful in losing 55 pounds in a year.

According to Country Living, his weight changed over specific episodes owing to issues such as climate. The HGTV personality began working out consistently approximately eight years back, but it wasn’t until 2018 that he realized how critical it was to treat his health properly.

Image of Ben Napier

Health had invariably been at the foreground of Napier’s thoughts, but he told TODAY Home that the moment just seemed perfect to make a significant shift.

The True Inspiration

So, what really inspired the Home Town host to get on the slimmer side of the population? Unsurprisingly, Napier’s inspiration for getting slimmed up and healthier was non-other than his beautiful new borne, Helen.

According to People, before the birth of his eldest, Napier weighed roughly 335 lbs. Ben’s Home Town co-star and gorgeous life partner, Erin Napier, gave birth to their beautiful daughter in January 2018.

Everything transformed for the HGTV host, Ben with the arrival of his beautiful child. He figured it was about time to adopt a healthier life as he settled into his new life as a dad to baby Helen with his wife and co-star Erin.

Ben Napier vowed to lose weight in order to be around to see his daughter grow up and to be always there for her. Ben had revealed to Country Living that his maternal grandfather passed away from a stroke when his mother was only 17 and both his dad and grandpa underwent open-heart surgery.

Currently, the Home Town star duo are proud parents to their two angels, Helen and Mae, whom they have cherished throughout their road to prominence.

Napier’s Weight Loss Embarkment

The Home Town star hails from a family of big guys and big foodies, which he mentioned in his web blog. Having three brothers, Napier spent his childhoods enjoying sports, doing farm work, assisting his father with auto repairs, and devouring ample food to sustain a military every day.

Alongside lowering carbs and calories and fasting periodically, Ben’s exercise program, which included cardio and weight training, played a significant role in his weight loss. Every day, Napier got up at 4:30 a.m. to shoot hoops outdoors and got serious about watching his calories.

Image of Ben Napier

He advocates for men to flex their bodies, exercise enough, and get their hearts tested on a routine basis. Ben’s weight reduction transition was extremely inspirational.

The host and TV persona disclosed that he weighs 280 lbs. now that he has lost 55 pounds, and that his retirement desire is to represent Santa Claus at Christmas.

Ben Napier Quick Facts

Name Ben Napier
Nickname Big
Birthdate September 24, 1983
Birthplace Laurel, Mississipi, USA
Profession Reality TV Personality
Nationality American
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Height 6 ft 6 inches
Spouse Erin Napier
Children Helen Napier and Mae Napier
Parents Bennie Napier and Das Napier
Alma Mater Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Mississippi.

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