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Agent 00 Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Current Weight, Diet Plan, and Workout Routine

Image of Agent 00 before and after his weight loss

Din Muktar, commonly known as Agent 00, is a renowned YouTuber from Canada. He was a reliable source for NBA 2K games on Agent 00’s YouTube page.

His audience is expanding and now numbers over 1 million. He approaches making a video from the top down collaboratively.

Before starting to produce any work, he needs a headline. Then he sketched down an idea.

Agent 00 is seeking the “golden moment”—the ideal segment on which to base his upcoming video. The following video includes an hour—or even longer—of him playing NBA 2k14, the game he enjoys playing above all others.

Continue reading to learn about Agent 00 Weight Loss Journey, Routine Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Weight Loss.

This article is about Agent 00’s weight loss details. 00’s looks before and after weight loss.


Agent 00’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Agent 00 after losing weight

Agent 00, after losing weight

Agent 00 had a weight that once exceeded 300 pounds. Things started to deteriorate much more over time.

The Agent said in one of his videos that his health was in such horrible shape that he could not even ascend the 20 steps of stairs. Due to his obesity, even his YouTube career was at risk. He was unable to keep up with his video production pace.

Agent 00 stated that he had been working on YouTube since he was 12. So, his YouTube career was the result of a lot of effort. And I could see that it was ineffective right before my eyes.

His weight was a significant professional hindrance. He could not even leap when he weighed 280 pounds and claimed that practically every part of his body hurt.

When Agent feels overweight, he also plays basketball as a form of self-therapy. He spent some time talking to himself before deciding to begin the 100-pound weight loss journey.

Agent 00’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

A good diet was essential to Agent’s weight loss efforts. He initially attempted to follow the Keto diet, but it didn’t appear to be successful for him.

Because Agent depended on food, he struggled mightily to stick to the Keto diet. But then he learned about the carnivore diet, which struck him as a smart notion.

A diet called the Carnivore Diet forbids the use of any carbohydrates. Meat items are the only things that are permitted on the Carnivore Diet.

You eat exclusively animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, and nuts are not consumed at all.

Agent 00’s Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Agent 00 doing his work out routine

Agent 00 doing his workout routine

Agent 00 found the workout routine to be challenging. He thought the idea of working out was a nightmare due to his size.

But he had to move forward for his future benefit, and he did just that. Agent 00 also engages in a lot of cardio activities like jogging and walking.

Agent 00’s Before and After Weight Loss

The Agent was able to lose 100 pounds after a year of hard work and effort. Additionally, he was successful in his weight loss journey and was able to lose a significant amount of weight.

Over a year, he went from 332 pounds to about 190 pounds.

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