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Alyssa Diaz Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Alyssa Diaz before and after her weight loss

Alyssa Diaz came from Mexican, Irish and Columbian families. She is an actress who appeared in many films and television series; however, her name became even more famous when she started her role as Angela Lopez in the television series, The Rookie. It is a crime drama series that is airing on ABC.

Her debut as an actress was in 2001 when she starred in The Brothers Garcia, a teen comedy series. Her rise to the entertainment industry follows by being a guest in different shows, including CSI: Miami and American Family, and much more.

A big break for her career came in the soap opera As the World Turned on CBS when she played Celia Ortega.  Since then, Alyssa Diaz has always had plenty of breaks in films and television series every year.

She also became a part of one of the popular shows in America, The Vampire Diaries, in 2013. Additionally, Netflix offered her a role in Narcos: Mexico as a slain DEA agent.

This article is about Alyssa Diaz’s weight loss details. Diaz’s looks before and after weight loss.


Alyssa Diaz’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Alyssa Diaz after her weight loss

Alyssa Diaz after her weight loss

Sometimes, being an actress could mean taking good care of your body, particularly your appearance. You cannot escape from different comments about yourself once they see something different from you.

And that must be why the famous actress Alyssa Diaz is strict with her diet. Netizens are questioning her appearance on how she has maintained her hourglass shape over the past few years.

Alysa Diaz encouraged women in the world by speaking through her experience. She clearly stated that she once shamed herself for having a considerable body compared to others, but she decided she would make a positive change.

She said that having different nationalities means having different body types. Being born with a large body does not mean it will be permanent.

Alyssa Diaz’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

People might be curious about what Alyssa Diaz did to achieve an hourglass body. As an actress, she knows energy is crucial for her work efficiently.

The actress undergoes a strict diet by consuming nutritional foods full of fibre, protein, minerals, and vitamins. That’s why she ensures she ingests enough healthy foods to go with her day.

Her diet plan consisted of foods loaded with protein like chicken and fish. For her breakfast, she has cereal with fruits or eggs.

Alyssa Diaz’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Alyssa Diaz is known for being strict in diet, so exercise and workouts are part of her weight loss journey. However, she never specifically said some routine that helps her to maintain her weight—no one also knows if she is going to the gym or has a personal trainer.

Rest assured, as we will update this article once she reveals some of her exercises.

Alyssa Diaz Before and After Weight Loss

In her Instagram post in 2014, we could see that the figure of Alyssa Diaz is not the same in her recent pictures. They notice changes in her body as time passes by.

Her hourglass-shaped body is still not evident. Surprisingly, her body figure began slimming down as she got old, and people admired her.

The year 2016 was the time when her hourglass figure became visible. We can see that her confidence grew, and she started wearing bikinis.

She did not dye her black hair, and her facial features became fiercer, and until now, she maintains her body weight because of her character in her recent series. As of now, Alyssa Diaz weighs 57 kilograms.

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