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Amy Freeze Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Weight Loss Journey

Image of Amy Freeze before and after her weight loss

Amy Elizabeth Freeze is a meteorologist that works in television and is from the United States. Currently, she works for Fox Weather as a meteorologist and anchor.

At the television station WABC in New York City, she covered the weather on the weekends as a meteorologist. She has filled in for other hosts on the ABC morning show Good Morning America.

Amy was the first woman to hold the position of Chief Meteorologist at WFLD in Chicago, Illinois, a station owned and run by Fox. She had this position from 2007 to 2011. Continue reading about Amy’s Freeze Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Weight Loss.

This article is about Amy Freeze’s weight loss details. Freeze’s looks before and after weight loss.


Amy Freeze’s Weight Loss Journey 

Image of Amy Freeze after her weight loss

Amy Freeze, after her weight loss

After she became pregnant, Amy put on a significant amount of weight—70 pounds. She anticipated that she would be thinner a few months after giving birth to her child, but things did not turn out as she had hoped. She was dissatisfied and out of shape at the same time.

Even her husband, Gary Arbuckle, weighed more than he should have. Then she came on a video titled “Body For Life,” which advertised a weight loss program that lasted for 12 weeks and offered a grand prize of $100,000 to the person who completed the program successfully.

All participants were required to provide a “before and after” photo. Amy and Gary both took part in the activity and ensured that they performed their regular exercise and ate healthy meals.

They consumed six meals each day and performed three cardiovascular workouts per week. Amy had shed a total of 30 pounds after completing these strenuous workouts over 12 weeks.

Amy Freeze’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

As was mentioned previously, Amy follows the well-known “Body for Life” program, which entails following a specific eating regimen. The diet comprises extremely little fat, and roughly forty to fifty percent of each food group with very little fat.

On this diet, the only foods permitted to be consumed are bread, pasta, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and some types of fat in minimal amounts.

The diet stipulates that you must have a minimum of two servings of vegetables daily and drink ten glasses of water. Because of the restrictive nature of this diet, the maximum amount of protein and carbohydrates you can consume at one time is the size of your fist.

Amy Freeze’s Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Amy Freeze doing hiking for weight loss

Amy Freeze is doing hiking for weight loss.

As we mentioned earlier, Amy Freeze did the “Body for Life” program, and It also has workout routines. The workout routine at “Body for Life” is more complicated than the diet program at Body for Life.

It recommends working out for sixty minutes, six days per week, and alternating between aerobic and resistance training. The seventh day, typically Sunday is designated a day of rest.

During weight training sessions, workouts for the upper body and exercises for the lower body are alternated during the session. This provides the muscles that were worked with sufficient time to heal completely before the subsequent training session.

Amy Freeze Before and After Weight Loss

After succeeding in her “Body for Life” challenge, Amy looks much thinner, healthier, and more confident. Even though the challenge was complex, the anchor didn’t give up and succeeded in the end.

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