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Angelina Jolie Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Angelina Jolie before and after her weight loss

If you are into Hollywood films, you most likely watched a movie starred by a legend named Angelina Jolie. The young-looking and beautiful actress was born Angelina Jolie Voight on the 4th day of June in 1975.

Angelina is both a filmmaker, actress, and humanitarian all at once. This is the reason why a lot of people from around the world admire her excellent personality.

Being an actress requires Angelina Jolie to maintain her weight. Therefore, we will discuss her routines and results in this Wikipedia-type article, so read further.

This article is about Angelina Jolie’s weight loss details. Jolie’s looks before and after weight loss.


Angelina Jolie’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Angelina Jolie after losing weight

Angelina Jolie, after losing weight

The weight loss journey of the actress is a hot topic for the media because of the fame she carries. She must stay in shape because it is one of her job descriptions.

Additionally, society’s standards are leaning toward those who are slimmer in body type, which gives an advantage to those who keep their body fit and healthy. Being one of the most admired persons in the world, it is an understanding that she must go through a continuous and consistent weight loss journey to stay relevant in the business.

Angelina Jolie’s Diet Plan

When Angeline was younger, she was into bad habits like cigarettes. This enabled her to crave his vices more than actual food.

According to sources, previously, she would take cigarettes and coffee for breakfast. However, it altered when she was cast for Tomb Raider, which required her to be fit and healthy.

For her preparation, she shifted her diet to low carbohydrates and high protein and turned her back on processed food and dairy. She also tried veganism which was not sustainable for her because her work in the industry is demanding.

To avoid gaining too much weight, she prefers to eat natural food enriched with vitamins and minerals. Additionally, she rejected junk foods from her diet to maintain her perfect body.

Angelina Jolie’s Workout Routine

As someone admired by many, Jolie made sure to try different workout routines. Some of her exercises are Ballet, Circuit Training, Martial Arts, Yoga, and HITT.

Some roles require her to be of a specific body so that it would be justified when the cameras are rolling. This forced her to engage in different activities based on the roles she was offered.

If she does not have any filming, she still makes sure to stay active for the sake of her health. She must consider it, mainly because she has children depending on her.

Angelina Jolie’s Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of Angeline Jolie are not that far from each other because she has had a perfect body ever since. It still takes a lot of hard work to maintain the ideal body required by her job description.

Discipline and motivation must stay intact so that her routines would not be deemed dull for her. Additionally, staying on the right track is vital because of the different roles she assumes.

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