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Ariela Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Ariela Weinbergs before and after her weight loss

If you are an avid watcher of 90-Day Fiancé, you must know Ariela Wienberg from the United States of America. Her day-to-day living during the show was featured in its episode, which gave a little background about the reality star.

According to sources, she is from a well-off family because her father is a cardiologist while her mother loves to travel with her. The reason why she joined the reality show is not yet known to this writing.

Because she was given a platform when she participated in 90 Day Fiance, her followers noticed that she went through a weight loss journey. Discover more about her transformation in this Wikipedia-type article.

This article is about Ariela’s weight loss details. Ariela’s looks before and after weight loss.


Ariela’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Ariela Weinbergs after losing weight

Ariela Weinbergs, after losing weight

As a mother, it is customary to go through changes during pregnancy. However, being a reality television star, Ariela wanted to maintain her figure to appear appealing to the eyes of the public.

Therefore, she did not waste any time after giving birth and announced that she was going through a weight loss journey. During the run of her transformation, she made sure to let her followers know the steps she was taking.

Ariela’s Diet Plan

According to sources, the diet plan of the 90-Day Fiancé cast mainly consisted of fruits and vegetables. As a breastfeeding mom, she needs to eat healthily so that her baby will receive the same nutrients.

When asked what specific foods she consumed, the artist mentioned that she did not remove anything but made sure she ate moderately. Because she is nurturing a child, Ariela ensures that she is mindful of the food that enters her body.

Ariela’s Workout Routine

As mentioned earlier, Ariela was transparent regarding her weight loss journey. According to her posts, she is a massive fan of weightlifting.

It helped her tremendously tone her muscles from the fats she gained during her pregnancy days. Additionally, she ensures to stay consistent in working out not to break her momentum.

Being a mom makes it hard to balance her priorities, but she ensures that working out would not be on the list. She said that small sacrifices could lead to a significant positive result, which keeps her going daily.

Ariela Before and After Looks

The 90-Day Fiancé star said that she had been able to lose 50 pounds of weight since she started her weight loss journey. This revelation raised speculations from the fans that she went through a medically-assisted weight loss.

The actress quickly denied it, who said that breastfeeding helped her lose weight fast. It is because she is sharing the nutrients of her body with her newborn baby.

Additionally, Ariela said that she works hard to achieve the body they are currently seeing. Regarding surgery, she would not deny that she went under the knife on other parts except weight loss.

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