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Bert Kreischer Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Diet Plan, Workout Routine and Weight Loss Journey

Image of Bert Kreischer before and after his Weight Loss

Albert Kreischer Jr., commonly known as Bert Kreischer, is a well-known stand-up comedian, host, and actor from the USA. Bert was the host of the show “Hurt Bert,” which aired on FX.

He also hosted Bert the Conqueror and Trip Flip, both aired on Travel Channel. It is planned for him to make an appearance in the comedy film The Machine, which will be based on his life and work.

“Bertcast,” a comedic podcast on the All Things Comedy network, has Bert serving as both the show’s producer and host. In addition, he is one of the hosts of two other podcasts called “2 Bears” and “1 Cave.”

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This article is about Bert Kreischer’s weight loss details. Kreischer’s looks before and after weight loss.


Bert Kreischer’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Bert Kreischer after his Weight Loss

Bert Kreischer after his Weight Loss

It was a competition between Bert and Tom Segura to see who could drop the most weight. It all began when Tom and his wife Christina mentioned on an episode of their podcast, “Your Mom’s House,” that the belly of stand-up comedian Bert looked a lot like that of Gerard Depardieu.

The couple’s followers were then motivated to resort to Twitter to question the comedian Bert about his excessive weight. It started as a joke, but once Toms’s followers from around the world started flooding Bert’s Twitter, it quickly became a significant event.

In the end, the two began their weight loss battle in 2017. The challenge came with incentives and punishments, the worst being that the loser would have to foot the bill for the winner’s vacation to any destination of his choosing.

In addition to that, the loser had to shave their facial hair. Ultimately, Bert and Tom got their BMI out of the obese bracket. Sadly, Bert hasn’t won the competition, and his friend Tom became victorious in the end.

Bert Kreischer’s Diet Plan

Sadly, Bert hasn’t shared his diet plan. However, he has expressed his dissatisfaction with his current weight and has decided to make further efforts to reduce it. He gives up meals, goes on fasts, and limits his eating to the hours of two in the afternoon to ten at night.

Bert Kreischer’s Workout RoutineĀ 

Unfortunately, Bert hasn’t been too open about the specifics of the workouts that he performs, but we do know that he regularly visits the gym. It is clear that the exercise he does him good after he has shed a significant amount of weight. If the host has disclosed his workout routine to the general public, we will update this post.

Bert Kreischer Before and After Weight Loss

It is clear that there have been some changes made to Bert Kreischer’s body; it appears that he has lost some weight since we last saw him. It seems like he has lost some of the tummy fat he used to have. After going to the gym for a while, the comedian finally achieved the weight loss he wanted.

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