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Billy Gardell Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Billy Gardell before and after his weight loss

William Gardell Jr. is famous for being a comedian alongside being an actor from the United States of America. He is most prominent with the screen name Billy Gardell.

Some of his works are namely Mike & Molly, Yes, Dear, My Name Is Earl, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, and Sullivan & Son. Because of his expertise in the field, he is still active in the industry to this writing.

People are curious about how the actor loses some pounds; that is why we will discuss the weight loss journey of Billy Gardell. This Wikipedia-type article includes information about his diet plan, workout routine, and before and after looks.

This article is about Billy Gardell’s weight loss details. Gardell’s looks before and after weight loss.


Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Billy Gardell after losing weight

Billy Gardell, after losing weight

At first, Gardell was hesitant to lose weight because his role in the series Mike and Molly requires him to be in the exact size he was in. But when he communicated with the director, he gained the team’s full support and even adjusted their plot according to his progress.

The reason why Billy decided to lose weight was because of his health. He was told that he has type 2 diabetes, which is most likely fatal if no action is taken immediately.

Billy Gardell’s Diet Plan

It shows that the actor who portrayed Mike is committed to his goal in terms of losing weight. He hired three professionals to assist him in materializing his dream: a therapist, a personal trainer, and a dietitian.

The food included in his diet are vegetables, lean meat, oatmeal, and water. The foods mentioned earlier are what helped him cut a lot of weight during his journey.

Furthermore, the first step in making a diet plan is the commitment to the goal. The first goal must be the mindset to remove unhealthy habits and change them with beneficial ones.

According to Billy, he fought the urge to eat every time he was hungry because it is where the unhealthy eating habits begin. Therefore, he is trying to eat in moderation so that he would not deprive himself.

Billy Gardell’s Workout Routine

Regarding his workout regime, he said it is essential to move regularly throughout the day. The most important workout is cardio which can be attained with at least 20 minutes of walking daily.

It may sound easy, but it does a lot, especially when someone is trying to lose weight. Additionally, he has been doing aerobic exercises to exhume as much sweat as possible, which would help in his weight loss journey.

Billy Gardell’s Before and After Looks

Credits to his discipline when it comes to his lifestyle, Billy Gardell, who previously weighed 350 pounds, is now at 209 pounds. He cut off 140 pounds of weight when he decided to commit himself to healthy living and proper exercise.

Being surrounded by people who support him in achieving his goal was vital in his long journey when it comes to weight loss. He said that he could not achieve what he had today if it weren’t for the people who motivated him to keep going when things got hard.

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