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Bobo Fay Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Bobo Fay before and after his weight loss

James Fay is famously called Bobo Fay, who is known by the public because of the series Finding Bigfoot. The channel which aired the series was Animal Planet for seven years.

His fascination with Bigfoot started when he was younger; however, he did not take it seriously at first because he fell in love with surfing. In terms of his collegiate education, he attended Humboldt State University located in California, one of the alleged locations where the said monster was spotted.

People were surprised to see Bobo Fay’s sudden weight loss. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes information about his struggles and wins on his road to slimming down.

This article is about Bobo Fay’s weight loss details. Fay’s looks before and after weight loss.


Bobo Fay’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Bobo Fay after losing weight

Bobo Fay, after losing weight

When the series was still active, many fans expressed that they were surprised to see Bobo a lot thinner than he used to be with a shaven head. It speculated the rumors that he was suffering from cancer which he denied not long after.

According to Fay, he started his weight loss journey for himself. He has been having difficulty performing his regular tasks because of his continuous weight gain.

Bobo Fay’s Diet Plan

The massive difference in his appearance is mainly credited to his change of diet regime. He used to be a fan of baked goods, soda, pizza, and candy which he had already turned his back on when he decided he wanted to shed some pounds.

He said that cutting off foods that made him happy for a moment was the most significant decision in his life because it made him more comfortable for a longer time. Being able to move freely because he has been eating clean is a joy he did not expect to experience.

Bobo Fay’s Workout Routine

Image of Bobo Fay going on a hike as his exercise

Bobo Fay is going on a hike as his exercise

Bobo Fay got tired of being overweight; that is why he decided to dedicate most of his time to cut off some pounds. According to him, his regular exercise occurs four to six times a week.

Simple cardio is enough to keep at least him moving throughout the day. It does not seem so big, but it indeed creates a difference.

He believes that progress is still progressing, no matter how big or small it is. His workout regime is as essential as his diet plan because one cannot be as effective without the other.

Bobo Fay’s Before and After Looks

Bobo Fay’s before and after looks shocked many of his followers. They were accustomed to seeing him long-haired and chubby, but his new appearance was a complete transformation.

Furthermore, the enormous foot enthusiast said that he has never been happier with his decision to cut some pounds and his hair. It seems nice that no one recognizes him as Bobo Fay because of his new hairdo.

The only person aware of his real identity was his closest friends. He enjoyed his time outside the spotlight without being followed by a fan or paparazzi.

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