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Boogie2988 Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Boogie2988 before and after his weight loss

Steven Jay Williams or most known as his alias name Boogie2988 is a YouTube personality whose content is about gaming and nerd cultures. Some of the videos he created are about parodies, upcoming games, and reactions to trending game news.

As of current, Boogie2988’s YouTube channel has reached 4.13 million subscribers. He began his YouTube channel on the 5th of April 2006 under the name, Boogie2988.

The first video he uploaded on his channel was a 49-second clip of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Since then, he has been exploring and expanding different content related to games.

Additionally, he has a Twitch account where he streams three to five times a week. He plays different video games on his account, with some comedy to keep his viewers entertained.

Sometimes, he sings some karaoke and raps. Over time, Boogie2988 had fan bases on different social media, including Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

This article is about Boogie2988 weight loss details. Boogie2988’s looks before and after weight loss.


Boogie2988 Weight Loss Journey

Image of Boogie2988 after losing weight

Boogie2988 after losing weight

He has been a huge man since he first appeared on his YouTube Channel. The YouTube personality has deep addiction to foods, resulting in his becoming obese since he was a child.

After consulting a doctor, he was strictly instructed to reduce his weight or else he would be dead for a very young age. His followers have been familiar with him for years, and when a slight change was seen in his body.

They became immediately intrigued if Boogie2988 had undergone to weight loss program or surgery and asked what process he takes to reduce so many pounds.

Boogie2988 Surgery

The fans were not wrong about Boogie2988 having surgery as he stated that he had gastric bypass surgery. He first started his weight loss program in his early years; Boogie2988 was following some weight loss tips on the internet.

However, that did not give him any positive results, so he underwent a gastric bypass.

Boogie2988’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Boogie2988 and his healthy diet

Boogie2988 and his healthy diet

Boogie2988 revealed his weight loss journey on his YouTube channel. In one video, he mentioned skipping one meal a meal daily and taking supplements for hunger suppressants.

Some of his fans were concerned about his diet; nevertheless, Boogie2988 is still lively as ever, and that was enough to relieve his fans.

Boogie2988’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

He never released any statement regarding his exercise routine or whether he had workouts that allowed him to reduce weight while having a diet. We can assume that Boogie2988 never considered having an exercise routine during his journey and entirely relied on his diet.

Boogie2988’s Before and After Weight Loss

The guidance he followed through the internet did not give him the desired result. As a 597 pounds man, surgery was the answer needed to change his physique.

Before his surgery, he also lost 30 pounds, and shortly after conducting the gastric bypass, his weight instantly went to 360 pounds, losing more than 200 pounds. While traveling, he stated that his weight had lowered to 336 pounds.

His body size was incredibly massive, resulting in his neck being covered, and walking was impossible to do. Now, thanks to his effort and dedication, Boogie28988’s body slimmed down, and his jaw is much more visible than before.

Youtuber Boogie2988 exigent weight loss journey

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