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Home » Bruce Arians’ Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Bruce Arians’ Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Bruce Arians before and after his weight loss

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ recent success cannot happen without the mind of Bruce Arians. He works as a consultant for the team.

Before his work with the Bucs, he was previously a head coach. Arians was a Super Bowl-winning coach with the Arizona Cardinals.

His coaching career in the National Football League started way back in 1988 when he was a coach for running backs.

Are you a fan of the NFL coach? Read more about Bruce Arians’ weight loss journey and workout routine.

This article is about Bruce Arians’ weight loss details. Arians’ looks before and after weight loss.


Bruce Arians’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Bruce Arians after losing weight

Bruce Arians, after losing weight

Winning the Super Bowl is one of the most complicated achievements in football because of all the factors involved in a season. Understandably, some people lay low after attaining this goal.

But the opposite can be said about the Buccaneers football consultant. Right after winning, he promised himself that he needed to slim down.

Bruce Arians’ Diet Plan

Since he was the coach of a Super Bowl-winning team, Bruce did not mind overeating and celebrating whenever they were winning. According to sources, the coach was eating very unhealthy before his weight reduction campaign.

But after deciding that he needed to change, the Cardinals coach got help from their team’s nutritionist. Because of his professional service, it is safe to infer that whatever diet he took was very effective.

Although there are no specific accounts of what Arians’ diet was, the effects on his body were very noticeable, especially in recent years.

Bruce Arians’ Workout Routine

As an athlete in his youth, Arians was not a rookie in working out. He had previous experiences with weights and compound movements which helped him start working out again.

It is a fact that the Bucs coach is already old. This means that his movements are limited because he is at risk of suffering from injuries.

At first, he was focused on cardio exercises such as walking and running. But then, an unfortunate event happened.

Arians tore his Achilles tendon while exercising. He said that the movements he was doing were not serious at all.

Because of this, he did not exercise for months. But his recovery was quicker than expected.

Now, the coach can move freely and looks to start his workout routine again.

Bruce Arians’ Before and After Looks

Famous athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Brandon Jennings also suffered from an injury involving tearing the Achilles tendon. Like them, the coach was doing extraneous activities at the time of the unfortunate event.

But Bruce treated it as a blessing in disguise. He said that although he was setback by his injury, it also helped him reduce his weight.

After months of healing, it is evident that the coach did well in his weight loss journey. His big belly was nowhere to be seen, and it appeared that he had a much slimmer face.

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