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Bruno Mars Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Bruno Mars before and after his weight loss

Bruno Mars is the first Filipino-American who earned five Diamond Certified in Hollywood. He also received a Grammy Award at a young age.

He is a notable songwriter and singer who have hit the top as he released his singles, Grenade, Just the Way You Are, and Locked Out of Heaven. Since he was young, Bruno Mars already had a talent for music as he was born into a musician family.

Bruno Mars was introduced to different types of music throughout his childhood. He has listened to rock, reggae, R&B, and hip hop.

Additionally, he had performed in diverse events in his hometown and expectedly became successful when he grew up. Without a doubt, Bruno Mars is indeed one of the prominent and bestselling singers of all time.

His album has sold worldwide for around 11 million, with 68 million in his singles. Aside from being a singer, he is known for his personality of having an entertaining stage performance.


Bruno Mars’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Bruno Mars before his weight loss

Bruno Mars, before his weight loss

He has a lot of followers as he is internationally known. That’s why people could discern even the slightest changes in his appearance.

They assumed that his age might differ from his sudden weight gain over the past few years. He did not bother to listen to the netizens statements.

The talks of people subside and adore him even more because he suddenly decided to lose some weight again. And as time passed, he started shedding weight and might, perhaps, do some weight loss program to make his body back to slim type.

Bruno Mars’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

The singer’s foods consist of high protein, low fats, and other nutrients that are good for weight loss; water is also essential for him. He did not confirm if his food is part of the diet plan; however, here’s the list of the food he consumes daily.

He neither eats toast nor oatmeal for breakfast; he always has an egg omelette. He has rice, salad, and chicken breast–which is one food with a load of protein–in lunch.

While at dinner, he often has beef or chicken steak, and rice is always part of his meal.

Bruno Mars’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Bruno Mars did not report any statement if he had some workouts to achieve his current body and weight. However, we will discuss his hobbies that perhaps helped him lose weight.

In every music video, he had his song; his dancing is always present, which helps burn calories in the body. We also have seen Bruno Mars without a shirt on; his muscle says he is doing some heavy lifting.

Sources also said he is fond of doing abs and core workouts; some exercises that are good for abs are leg raises, crunches, planks, Russian twists, and many more.

Bruno Mars’ Before and After Weight Loss

Image of Bruno Mars after the losing weight

Bruno Mars, after losing weight.

In 2018, we can see that the famous singer had a massive weight. His body was once slim, but it got broad and put some weight. Bruno Mars’ belly is visibly bloated, and his arms gained fats, his jawline was covered by excessive fats on his neck and face.

In 2022, he reportedly weighs 64 kilograms. However, since he started his weight loss journey, his body has toned down and had a slender body type again.

He is back into his shape again; the fats in his face and neck are gone, and his jawline begins to flaunt its sharpness again.

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