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Charley Hull Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Diet Plan, and Workout Routine

Image of Charley Hull before and after her weight loss

Charley Esmee Hull, commonly known as Charley Hull, is a professional golfer from England. She has had success on the Ladies European Tour as well as the LPGA Tour.

The professional golfer was victorious in the famous CME Group Tour Championship in 2016, which is the final tournament of the LPGA Tour season. Charley is the youngest competitor ever to participate in the international Solheim Cup matches, and Charley won a tournament on the European circuit in 2014 before she turned 18 years old.

Continue reading to learn about Charley Hull’s Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine and Before and After Weight Loss.

This article is about Charley Hull’s weight loss details. Hull’s looks before and after weight loss.


Charley Hull’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Charley Hull after losing weight

Charley Hull, after losing weight

As part of her preparations for the 2019 Women’s British Open, Charley altered her approach to training and shed 20 pounds to demonstrate her development as an athlete. She has toned her body and improved her mental attitude in order to get in better shape.

Her goal is to run a marathon. She attributes both her mental and physical development to her husband, Ozzie Smith, who is a champion in the mixed martial arts super welterweight division.

Charley stated that her husband provided a lot of support for her profession and assisted her through challenging periods.

Her local course, Woburn, hosted the AIG Women’s British Open three years ago when it was still in existence. Back then, Charley’s golfing experience was limited to the amateur level.

In 2019, Hull reduced her weight by ten kilograms to better prepare for the competition and to demonstrate to the audience how much she had developed.

Charley Hull’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

She is one of those people who enjoy food, just like so many of us. As stated by BBC Good Food, pizza is one of her favorite foods.

Despite this, she has created an incredible routine to limit the amount of weight she is gaining. It has been said that her breakfast consists of cereal and fruit.

Charley typically eats a salad for lunch, which is a healthy option. In addition, it is a nutritious supper that is balanced according to diet standards.

Chicken and veggies make up the majority of her diet. In addition to the standard meals she consumes daily, she snacks on fruits throughout the day.

Charley Hull’s Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Charley is one of those people who doesn’t need to go to the gym very often because she plays golf, which is an activity that may burn a modest number of calories throughout a game. On the other hand, she also uses her Instagram account, which she frequently updates with posts about golf, to discuss the techniques she uses to improve her game.

Charley weight approximately 70kg (154lbs)

Charley Hull Before and After Weight Loss

When comparing old images of Charley to more recent ones, it is clear that not much has changed about her appearance; both then and today, she is toned and has a good physique. Nevertheless, she is happy in her marriage to Ozzie and leads a fulfilling life with her husband by her side.

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