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Chris Jericho Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Chris Jericho before after he lose weight

Christopher Keith Irvine or best known by his stage name, Chris Jericho. He was part of the All Elite Wrestling or AEW in his early career, wherein he gained recognition as he was the one who became the first AEW World Champion.

His name became even more prominent when he signed in Extreme Championship Wrestling or ECW, World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE, and World Championship Wrestling or WCW. Chris Jericho is considered the most excellent professional of all time.

Chris Jericho earned 30 championships in the three famous promotions between the 1990s and early 2000s in WCW, ECW, and WWF/E. he is also has a record of Intercontinental Champion nine times, a Grand Slam Champion in WWE, and earned two United States Champion.

Aside from being a pro wrestler, Chris Jericho is also a lead vocalist in the band he formed in 1999 named Fozzy. They released numerous albums, including Happenstance in 2002, All That Remains in 2005, Chasing the Grail in 2010, and many more.

This article is about Chris Jericho’s weight loss details. Jericho’s looks before and after weight loss.

Chris Jericho’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Chris Jericho after he lose weight

Chris Jericho, after he loses weight

If you are a fan of watching All Elite Wrestling, then you must be familiar with the appearance of Chris Jericho. His sudden transformation and weight loss have shocked his fans. Because of his striking figure nowadays, people have begun turning their heads to him even more.

He appeared in the media with a ripped body and lost pounds, and his followers began asking why the sudden change in his image. In his interview, he said that he had health problems and decided to seek a dietitian to improve his health. We will further discuss how Chris Jericho achieved his current body.

Chris Jericho’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

As stated earlier, Chris Jericho asked for help from a dietitian. He has undergone a strict diet and lost 10 pounds. Like any other celebrity, protein is the essential nutrient in the body to achieve the body you want. Chris Jericho said that he consumes protein as much as he wants by eating raw eggs, salmon and liver.

Chris Jericho’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

He did not spill the exercise routine he had gone through to have his current body. However, we found out he has a hobby of reading Muscle & Fitness. Among the bodybuilders he follows are Tom Platz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cory Everson and Dorian Yates. With his present muscle, it is impossible that he never had exercise; considering that he is a pro wrestler, building a muscle is very important to them.

Chris Jericho’s Before and After Weight Loss

Chris Jericho’s weight drops from 240 pounds to 220 pounds, losing 20 pounds, roughly nine kilograms. A significant difference was reformed in his appearance, especially in 2020, he had a large abdomen, and her chest was loose. His arm is vast and full of fats and muscle.

While in 2022, he showed up in the media again, more confident than ever. His large abdomen was no longer there; he now had a pack of ripped abs. His facial features also had become visible, unlike when he was still not losing weight. He still kept his long hair, which made him more attractive than ever.

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