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Claire Stoermer Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine

Image of Claire Stoermer before and after her weight loss

Claire Stoermer is an American elementary school teacher famously known for being the mother of the former Disney Channel Kid Star and 2019 Spider-Man’s MJ, Zendaya Coleman. She was a former house manager of California Shakespeare Theater located in Orinda, California.

At the present time, Clair has been passionately teaching children at Fruitville Elementary School. Clair was born on the 24th of March 1964.

She was previously married to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman before they officially filed a divorce in 2016. Many reports were circulating that Kazemba had five children from his previous wife.

Clair decided to file a divorce after realizing that his husband was not giving them enough time anymore. Hence, Claire is currently a single mom to her daughter, Zendaya.

As the house manager of the Shakespeare Theater, she helped her daughter to find her passion for acting. She was present in Zendaya’s first TV appearance in Shake It Up, a Disney Channel sitcom that aired from 2010 to 2013.

Eventually, as her daughter rose to fame, Claire decided to keep a low profile as much as possible. But despite wanting to hide from the spotlight, Claire still shows up on her daughter’s special days.

She is present whenever Zendaya’s having a hard time filming and on different award shows. She supports her daughter in every possible way while continuing her profession as a teacher.

This article is about Claire Stoermer’s weight loss details. Stoermer’s looks before and after weight loss.


Claire Stoermer Weight Loss Journey

Image of Claire Stoermer after losing weight

Claire Stoermer after losing weight

Claire is currently 58 years of age. People in this age group would generally be conscious of their health, and Claire was not an exemption.

Eating healthy is a must to maintain her strength despite her aging. Her daughter Zendaya is still young, and she would need a lot of support from the person who raised and supported her from the start to survive in the acting industry.

Additionally, Zendaya’s fans have noticed that Claire has changed her appearance a bit. She appeared to be slimmer compared to before.

It is normal if Claire becomes self-conscious about her appearance, especially if she’s the mother of the rising actress Zendaya.

Claire Stoermer Weight Loss Diet Plan

Claire Stoermer did not comment about her losing weight; hence the public has no information about her diet plan. Claire appears healthy and in good shape despite her age, so her diet must be appropriate for her.

This article will be revised once there is an update about Zendaya’s mom’s diet plan in the future.

Claire Stoermer Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Claire never revealed if she was doing any workout at the moment. She is approximately 178 centimeters tall and weighs 59 kilograms.

According to some netizens, Zendaya’s mom appeared to be slimmer than before, so we can conclude that she’s been doing some exercise to lose weight. This article will be updated for more accurate and specific information regarding Claire Stoermer’s exercise routine.

Claire Stoermer Before and After Weight Loss

Claire was present in some of her daughter’s press photos even when she was just starting back then. Zendaya’s fans are now familiar with their idol’s mother’s face.

And according to them, Claire appears to be slimmer than before; therefore, she has lost weight. However, Claire Stoermer did not address any of the rumors.

The fans were just glad that she appeared healthy and could continue supporting her daughter for a long time.

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