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Coco Austin Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Coco Austin before and after her weight loss

Nicole Natalie Marrow Austin is a prominent figure in the United States of America’s film industry as an actress. Some of her screen names are Coco, Coco Marie, Coco Austin, Coco Marie Austin, and Coco-T.

She celebrates her birthday every 17th day of March, making her 43 years of age as she was born in 1979. She debuted herself in the industry at the age of 18 by being a model for lingerie, swimsuits, and the like.

Being in the industry for the entirety of her life, people are curious about what Coco Austin’s regimens are for her weight loss. Learn more by reading this Wikipedia-type article further.

This article is about Coco Austin’s weight loss details. Austin’s looks before and after weight loss.


Coco Austin’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Coco Austin after her weight loss

Coco Austin, after her weight loss

The weight gain of the actress was on the positive side. She added some pounds to her body because she was pregnant then.

It is natural for women to gain some weight if they are pregnant because they are nurturing a child. As someone with a sexy image, Coco Austin wanted to bounce back as fast as she could after giving birth.

Coco Austin’s Diet Plan

Coco Austin said that her weight loss is mainly credited to her diet plan. As a mother who wants to be with her child most of the time, she focused her mindset that eating healthy would help her shed some pounds.

True enough, because of what she eats, she is able to slim down faster. Eating clean is also beneficial for her daughter, Chanel, because she gets nutrients from her mother.

According to sources, Coco follows a vegan-style fruitarian diet that skyrocketed her weight loss journey. Her main plans are focused on proteins to build some muscle from the fat she gained during pregnancy.

Coco Austin’s Workout Routine

Image of Coco Austin doing her work out routine

Coco Austin doing her workout routine

During the first months as a new mother, Coco did not think of the gym as an option because she wanted to be with Chanel. However, as her work demanded her to be slim and sexy, she decided to go back to exercise gradually.

Some of the sources say that she is a big fan of cardio and weightlifting because it genuinely helps the body to get in shape. Moreover, she also uses waist trainers to not lose her hourglass figure even after giving birth.

The corset helps suppress their appetite while training the body to be shaped in a certain way. It was a big help for her, mainly because her tummy was the most significant part of her body when she bore a child.

Coco Austin’s Before and After Looks

People are amazed at how fast the actress bounced back after giving birth. It truly takes a lot of time and discipline to achieve her ideal body after welcoming Chanel into this world.

As of this writing, she has been happily posting about their happy family moments with their little one. It was obvious that she took care of her body as it was sexy as ever.

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