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Home » Craig Robinson Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Craig Robinson Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Craig Robinson before and after his weight loss

Craig Robinson is a standup comedian, actor, and singer best known for his sarcastic warehouse worker character, Darryl Philbin, in the comedy television series, The Office. He was also cast in Freight Train, portraying LeVar, and starred in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

While he was in college, Craig already started being a comedian and even won an award in the Miller Genuine Draft 1196 Comedy Search. His debut as an actor was in 2007, when he landed roles in the drama with Tyler Perry and smash comedy, Knocked Up.

He also appeared in a Korean movie, D-War and Daddy’s Little Girls. Throughout his career as a comedian, he has already received several nominations, such as Screen Actors Guild Awards for his outstanding performance in consecutive years from 2008 to 2011.

Moreover, he was nominated for Independent Spirit Awards for Best Supporting in 2017.

This article is about Craig Robinson’s weight loss details. Robinson looks at before and after weight loss.

Craig Robinson Weight Loss Journey

Image of Craig Robinson after losing weight

Craig Robinson after losing weight

The actor’s recent transformation made people wonder how Craig Robinson achieved his current body weight. His followers almost did not recognize him as Craig looked like a new man as he flaunted his unique physical appearance.

Even though it was hard at first, he successfully shed weight after months of having a healthy lifestyle with perseverance. Some might think Craig underwent surgery, but he only went through a natural process, and his result thus far was indeed effective.

Fans questioned him on what process he had gone through and might consider following his weight loss journey if they learned it.

Craig Robinson Weight Loss Diet Plan

Cutting out the alcohol is one of the effective ways contributing to his weight loss. Additionally, he changed his cuisines to a vegan diet, and even though he sometimes misses the mac and cheese that he usually eats, he still sticks to a strict diet.

Craig Robinson sometimes tried dishes in vegan restaurants and eventually grew accustomed to it. He also claimed that he had been taking a detox to clean his liver for six months.

Craig Robinson Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

In his interview, Craig Robinsons revealed that he has been working out; however, he did not emphasize what exercises he was having in his weight loss journey. Indeed, working out became a great help in shedding his weight.

We will update this article once Craig reveals relevant details about his exercise routine.

Craig Robinson Before and After Weight Loss

Since Craig Robinson is a heavy drinker, we notice that he has a massive abdomen molded because of alcoholic beverages. His beer belly could not hide even though he usually wears black and large top clothing.

However, since he went through a weight loss process, he stated that it was easier than he thought and impressively lost 50 pounds in months. In his recent photos, we can notice that her neck fat toned down, making his jawline more transparent.

His body and arms also slimmed down, making him look like a new person. Various sources stated that Craig’s current weight is 85 kilograms.

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