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Damien Priest Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Damien Priest before and after his weight loss

Luis Martineź is an American professional wrestler. Martineź is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) and is performing under the screen name Damien Priest.

He is part of the stable Judgment Day, an affiliate of the Raw brand, alongside his regular members, Finn Bálor and Rhea Ripley. Another notch that is under Martineź’s belt is being the former one-time ROH World Television Champion, but he took a different name when he competed in the Ring of Honor (ROH) division; he took the moniker of Punishment Martinez in the ring and also worked with the New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) under the same ring name.

Martineź is of Puerto Rican descent, and his Nuyorican parents are based in New York City. Despite being born in the US, their family lived in Dorado, Puerto Rico, where he was initially exposed to the world of wrestling as a child.

Martinez trained at Monster Factory and won multiple Monster Factory Pro Wrestling titles. He joined a Ring of Honor (ROH) training camp in 2014 and then taught at the ROH dojo.

Most people are familiar with his former persona as Punishment Martinez when he was still in ROH. His menacingly deep voice, theatrical makeup, and longer hair set him apart from most people’s attention in the crowd.

Later, his image changed into a more macho-like demeanor with less angst as he used to portray himself as before when he still went by his former ring name. When Martinez reappeared as Damien Priest, his whole career seemingly changed as he became more confident in his success and skills.

This article is about Damien Priest’s weight loss details. Priest’s looks before and after weight loss.


Damien Priest’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Damien Priest after losing weight

Damien Priest, after losing weight

When Martinez debuted as Punishment Martinez, he looked far heftier and less sculpted than he did now. Most media outlets uncovered his previous weight before his weight loss, but he currently weighs 113 kg or 251 lbs as of today.

Martinez appears to have been born with a naturally gifted body type where he simultaneously gains muscle when he weighs more. Before he was admitted to the wrestling roster, WWE rejected him, and his old bouncer threatened to fire him if he did not quit wrestling on weekends.

These events made him spiteful of the people around him, which led to his lack of self-preservation, making him gain weight. Martinez’s greatest motivation was his younger self; he wanted to pursue the dreams his inner child was passionate about, so he managed his weight and auditioned for WWE again.

Damien Priest’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Martinez did not have the most accessible life before his rise to stardom, and he confessed that he used to be homeless and struggled to find income for his daily needs. His poverty adversely affected his eating habits, too, and that is why he immensely gained weight during the said most challenging period of his life.

But as soon as he picked up the motivation to change himself and his lifestyle, achieving weight loss through a healthy and clean diet was not hard. Other than that, the Puerto Rican wrestler has not imparted much detail about his dietary habits.

Damien Priest’s Exercise for Weight Loss

The professional WWE wrestler mainly focuses on weight lifting to maintain his physique. Most athletes and health nutritionists attribute a massive body transformation to a healthy diet rather than a strenuous workout routine, which is something that Damien Priest believes in.

Damien Priest Before and After Weight Loss

Before his weight loss, Martinez described it as the most challenging time in his life and identity. Being heavier and taking on the persona of Punishment, Martinez was not his true identity but rather a mask that he showed to the world to deter him from his authentic self.

But when he re-debuted in the ring as Damien Priest with a healthier body and mindset, he believed he found true self-confidence and motivation to tread the path he was most passionate about.

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