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Home » Dana Cutler Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Dana Cutler Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Dana Cutler before and after of weight loss

Judge and Lawyer Dana Cutler was born in 1967. Although the exact date of her age is unknown, she was said to be of the age fifty-five this year. She is best known for being a judge for the show Couple Court with the Cutlers, in which she hosted and played the role of a judge along with her husband, Keith Cutler.

Dana is known to be prominent in her field, and she was part of the Board of Curators in 2006 before being appointed as president of the Missouri Bar. Aside from being president, she also took part in the Board of Directors of Swope Community Enterprises and had experience working for Swope Parkway Health Center in legal management. 

The couple’s show, however, offers the dramatization of courtroom matters, as the episodes proceeded with the roles of actor-judge and positions of defendants, lawyers, and witnesses. The show permits on-screen drama within the courtroom setting, where producers will add a story-like production for an episode to fit the media’s understanding of such cases.

The show primarily allows cases for divorce or traffic-themed cases. Keep reading to know more about her and her weight loss journey! 


Dana Cutler’s Weight Loss Journey  

Image of Dana Cutler in black dress

Appearing on-screen, it is quite known to the media that Judge Dana Cutler is on the heavier side despite not revealing her exact height and weight. However, Dana had admitted that it did not bother her too much, and she did not even notice how much weight she had been gaining from the start. 

Upon stumbling on the article about the Silent Killers in weight gain by Drew S, CHP, AADP, who was a health coach – Cutler had a transformative moment to change her perspective, thus, starting up a healthier lifestyle. 

Dana Cutler’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

It seems that Dana Cutler did not only find the inspiration to change her lifestyle from the article she had read by Drew S, CHP, AADP, but she also followed the health coach’s diet plan, which he authored the program The Smoothie Diet. In just 21 days of proceeding with the diet plan, Cutler had cut a lot of weight from her body.

Another part of her diet that brought her weight loss success was the Okinawa Magic Tonic. Culter consumes this tonic which acts as a supplement for burning fats faster; thus, it helps her lose weight effectively as fats are turned into energy.

Dana Cutler’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

The article, which changed her life, talked about how consuming unhealthy foods can lead to health risks, weaken the body, and trigger diseases. She had to overcome herself as she learned that her eating behaviours were related to her health condition.  

Dana may have undisclosed her exercise routine or might not have had one in the first place, but she did not keep her diet a secret to the public, as she was quite happy to share it with people and may also help them. Once we learn about her exercise routine for losing weight, we will update this article as soon as possible.

Dana Cutler’s Before and After Weight Loss

Dana Cutler herself was shocked at the results of her diet routine. She had evidently lost weight just by diet alone.

She even expressed how easy it was to lose weight with just a few steps and a change in diet. Unfortunately, her weight before and after the transition was not shared with the public.

Image of Dana Cutler before and after of weight  loss

Dana Cutler before and after of weight loss

It will not be possible without the help of the diet plan by Drew S, CHP, AADP, and the tonic she had consumed. Everything worked out just fine, and Dana Cutler got the effect she wanted by following a diet routine. 

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