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Danielle Rose Russell Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Raised in West Milford, New Jersey, by parents that are former entertainers, no doubt Danielle Rose Russell will be inclined to the industry. Rose was born on the 31st of October 1999 and pursued modelling to start her career.

At age ten, she appeared in several commercials before finally pursuing regional theatre and acting in various school plays at Holy Spirit School in Pequannock. Before getting into the spotlight, she was 14 years old when she was cast in A Walk Among the Tombstones in 2014.

In 2018 she was given a chance to join the final season of The CW supernatural drama series The Originals as Hope Mikaelson. She then starred in the spin-off series of The Vampire Diaries, Legacies with the same character, which premiered on October 25, 2018, aired for four seasons, and ended last June 16, 2022.     


Danielle Rose Russell’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Danielle Rose Russell in black dress

Danielle Rose has always been dedicated to her career. She was highly praised after making a name for herself as she portrayed Hope Mikaelson in the Legacies.

Despite being admired for her acting skills, Russell could not escape people’s judgement about her weight. She was fat-shamed and bravely addressed the issue through her Instagram.

In her post, Danielle expressed her disappointment and how upsetting people are to quickly degrade her just because of her curves. Danielle then continued that she accepts and embraces her flaws and hopes that people will positively change their perspective about a woman’s curve. 

In 2018, as soon as the Season 3 of Legacies premiered, it was evident that Hope Mikaelson had a slimmer physique. Soon later, rumours speculated that the actress had undergone cosmetic surgery after losing some weight, as seen in her recent show and photos.

However, the young actress stayed silent about the issue and continued her work with much more confidence.

Danielle Rose Russell’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

The sudden slimmer image of Danielle Rose Russell raised curiosity among the fans. The actress is yet to confirm anything about her weight loss journey; some speculated she had bariatric or gastric bypass surgery.

Whether she underwent surgery or shed her weight naturally remains a mystery. Regardless, we can assume that Russell must follow a strict diet plan to maintain her shape. 

Danielle Rose Russell’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Since the young actress chose not to disclose any information about her change in appearance, it is safe to say that she must keep a healthy lifestyle due to the nature of her work.

Since her young age, she has been working non-stop for probably 12 to 16 hours per day, which is why she needs to be physically active to sustain her energy. There is still no specific information about the actresses’ exercise routine. As stated in her previous interview, she is training a lot to stay healthy.

Danielle Rose Russell’s Before and After Weight Loss

Aside from the evident changes in Danielle Rose Russell’s physique as seen in the Legacies, there are no updates about her before and after weight loss. We still hope that Danielle will disclose some information about her transformation so we can use them to inspire other people.

She can significantly provide tips and techniques to undergo realistic weight loss like her. 

Image of Danielle Rose Russell before and after of weight loss

Danielle Rose Russell before and after of weight loss

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