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Dascha Polanco Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Diet Plan, and Workout Routine

Image of Dascha Polanco before and after her weight loss

Dascha Yolaine Polanco, commonly known as Dascha Polanco, is a renowned actress from the Dominican Republic. She is most recognized for her performances as Cuca in the musical drama film “In the Heights” and as Dayanara Diaz in the comedy-drama streaming television series “Orange Is the New Black.”

This article is about Dascha Polanco’s weight loss details. Polanco’s looks before and after weight loss.


Dascha Polanco’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Dascha Polanco after her weight loss

Dascha Polanco, after her weight loss

Polanco’s weight was steadily climbing with each passing day. Polanco gave up on her childhood dream after receiving her high school diploma.

She was under the impression that they would turn her down for the role despite how talented an actor she was because she was overweight. Because of this mentality, Dascha cannot achieve any level of success.

Therefore, Polanco gave up on her goal and enrolled in a nursing program. She worked as a nurse for a whole year.

A miracle took place, and it was then that Dascha realized that her belief was completely incorrect and was standing in the way of her progress. She concluded that she would have to abandon her previous ideas for anything to take place.

Polanco began to submit her work for consideration to a variety of programs. She also began something that would have a very significant impact on both her health and her career.

Dascha embarked on a journey to reduce her weight. Dascha was finally able to start making headway as a result of all these productive decisions.

A turning point in Polanco’s career came when she was cast as Daya in the critically acclaimed show “Orange Is the New Black.” After deciding to abandon her previous beliefs, she was approached by Netflix approximately six months later with an offer. Polanco lost weight over time and with some work on his part.

Dascha Polanco’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Polanco gets up early every morning to get her kids ready for school and then gets herself ready for the day. She is a parent of two children. She does not enjoy resting her body.

Therefore you can generally find her wide awake at six in the morning. The actress drives both of her children to and from school on her own.

After arriving home, she immediately starts preparing her breakfast. Egg whites with truffles and a protein shake are what Dascha often consumes for breakfast.

Due to the fruit’s high fiber content, the actress regularly consumes a few papayas. Additionally, she is a massive fan of Dominican veggies such as yams and yucca.

In addition, Dascha consumes a lot of fruit juices, which give her an energy boost throughout the day and help her keep going. Her trainer has advised her to avoid eating processed or fast meals.

When she is finished with her workout, Polanco will have grilled chicken with a variety of vegetables. Her preference is for herbal tea rather than milk tea. She consumes a great deal of herbal tea.

Dascha Polanco’s Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Dascha Polanco doing yoga

Dascha Polanco doing yoga

Polanco is not very fond of following rules and regulations. She doesn’t like someone bossing her. Therefore, she engages in anything she pleases.

Dascha is a highly responsible person, and as such, she is aware of the things that are good for her and those that are bad for her. She acknowledges that working out is incredibly important for her physical health, but she prioritizes her emotional well-being.

Dascha is a member of a fitness facility, and she puts in a lot of work there. She engages in a great deal of cardiovascular exercise.

Squatting and cycling are two of her favorite forms of exercise. Despite this, the actress enjoys working up a good sweat.

She adores the training, which involves a significant amount of physical exercise so that she can savor every bite of her supper afterward. Recently, the actress has been paying attention to Blink.

Dascha Polanco’s Before and After Weight Loss

When looking at images of the actress before she started her weight loss journey, she appeared to be overweight and weighed 230 pounds at the time. She managed to shed 56 pounds over her weight loss journey and is now maintaining a healthy weight of 174 pounds, which is a significant accomplishment.

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