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Debby Knox Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Debby Knox before and after the weight loss

Debby Knox is an award-winning journalist who served as an anchorwoman for WISH-TV for three decades before retiring in November 2013. Currently, she has been an information anchor at WTTV CBS4 since 2020.

Before her career in journalism, she had joined various pageants in which she brought home the crown. The journalist was crowned Miss Edwardsburg and Miss Blossomtime in 1972.

She graduated high school at Edwardsburg High School and finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. Loving parents fostered Knoxx. Hence she does the same with her now-husband, Richard Tirman, a psychologist.

Reading is one of the hobbies Debby Knox enjoys, which is evident in how she presents herself and how well-spoken she is. Knox is generous by heart, for she is no stranger to helping people.

She had raised ten thousand dollars with her co-anchor, Anthony Calhoun, to donate to the youth in need. She is also a benefactor to various schools and educational institutions.

The success of her career may be defined by the service she was able to offer to the country. In her three decades in the industry, she has interviewed prominent figures such as former United States President Barack Obama and Nobel Prize recipient Dr. James Watsons, and even the renowned Best-Selling Author, John Green.

Keep reading here to know the secrets and process of Debby Knox’s weight loss journey!

Debby Knox’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Debby Knox

Debby Knox is an American anchor and reporter for CBS4

The American journalist and anchorwoman Debby Knox began her weight loss journey when she was 59 years old in 2013. She had lost 45 pounds and was more than happy with the results of her exercise and diet routine.

As a well-known media personality, the journalist always shares her experience in losing weight with her fans, giving them tips on maintaining her newly achieved weight.

Debby Knox’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Debby Knox expressed that proper diet and exercise are the keys to a healthier body. She tends to avoid processed foods and focus on eating naturally and healthy.

Losing weight motivated her. It made her happier, and she said she had never felt this strong before, despite her old age.

Debby Knox’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

The journalist loves exercising. She has tried doing yoga and weightlifting. Her exercise routine includes hitting the gym several times a week and squats.

Knox hired a personal trainer, Jeremy Brost – to assist her in her weight loss, which was effective so far. Knox even tried competing, as she had lifted 180 pounds for a weightlifting competition.

Debby Knox’s Before and After Weight Loss

At 61, Knox said that she looked ten years younger, something her 40-year-old self would be stunned by. At that age, she expressed how she felt uncomfortable with her body, but in her 60s, she felt better than before.

She also bulked up and gained muscles aside from losing weight. She felt stronger and happier when she achieved a toned body. We will update this article when more information regarding Debby Knox’s weight loss transformation becomes available.

Still, we can all agree that Debby Knox is more confident and happy than ever.

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