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DJ Mustard Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of DJ Mustard before and after his weight loss

Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, better known as DJ Mustard, is a prominent music artist from the United States of America. His field of expertise is in beat making and producing records.

In the industry, he is known by the screen name DJ Mustard. His trademark in the industry is famously called ratchet music, wherein it is described as catchy, club-oriented, and upbeat, mixed with melodic beats of hip hop.

The music he produced is marked with the phrase “Mustard on the beat.” It is to let people know that he is a collaborator of the said song.

Being in the spotlight for quite a while now, people noticed that there had been changes in DJ Mustard’s weight. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his journey and results.

This article is about DJ Mustard’s weight loss details. Mustard’s looks before and after weight loss.


DJ Mustard’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of DJ Mustard after his weight loss

DJ Mustard after his weight loss

Like any other father, DJ Mustard said that he likes to build a lot of core memories for his son. Nonetheless, his goal would not be accomplished if he had extra tons of weight attached to his body.

Therefore, the record producer said that he must lose some pounds if he wants to be a great father to his child. Furthermore, it was because the rapper is a huge fan of designer clothes.

The said brands don’t cater for people who are not in the regular size, therefore, making it hard for DJ Mustard to shop whenever he likes to.

Above all reasons, his goal is to live healthily. As mentioned, he likes to be there for his son as much as he can, so losing weight is one of his ways to show his son that he cares.

DJ Mustard’s Diet Plan

The diet plan of DJ Mustard was discovered to be strict as he hired a doctor to watch over his meals. He said that most of his meals are just water to restrict calories from entering his system.

The beatmaker also said that his meals do not have sugar at all. It was not bland because his doctor made sure that it would still be appetizing for him.

It was not easy to stop himself from eating, but he remembered why he was doing it, thus making it seem effortless. Additionally, he says that from time to time, he allows himself to taste desserts in moderation, not to let his body crave for it more.

DJ Mustard’s Workout Routine

According to the DJ, his workout routine did not push through until he shredded some weight off his diet. He said that he wanted to see how it would work first through diet, and thankfully, it was good.

Moreover, his workout routine started from microtasks to weightlifting. It is to enable the rapper to establish a routine that is not hard to maintain.

DJ Mustard’s Before and After Looks

A lot of people have commended the uncanny transformation of the record producer. It indeed took a lot of effort and dedication to cut off about a ton of excess fat.

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