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Ella Bleu Travolta Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Ella Bleu Travolta before and after her weight loss

Ella Bleu Travolta is the daughter of the well-known Hollywood actor and film producer John Travolta and actress Kelly Preston; without a doubt, Ella inherited her talent in acting career from her parents. She earned fame for acting at such a young age, and her parents also contributed to her fame.

Ella Bleu made a debut when she was a one-year-old baby with her mother in a short documentary, Not Under My Roof. Disney gave her a role as Emily in a movie, Old Dogs, and her father was also part of the film. Her other movie is named The Poison Rose.

Even though she has yet to appear in different films and series, she is already making headlines in Hollywood, resulting in being a guest star in television shows, including Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Entertainment Tonight. Ella Bleu has grown beautiful, and many people are waiting for her more appearances in Hollywood; they see great potential in her.


Ella Bleu Travolta’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Ella Bleu Travolta after her weight loss

Ella Bleu Travolta, after her weight loss

Being in show business means you cannot avoid the possibility of getting negative criticism about your appearance; sometimes will even dictate what you should be doing and what. And the people’s words will eventually make your insecurities grow.

However, in Ella Bleu Travoltas case, she is not affected by every word of the people around her. She posted a tweet in 2014 that she was proud of her weight and had no reason to lose weight as she loves her body. After several years, she decided to reduce some weight for her benefit, not others.

Ella Bleu Travolta’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Her meals are one of the essential things that contributed to her journey. Even though Ella Bleu Travolta did not discuss the detail of her diet plan, she cleared up that she is not taking any aid or pills for starvation. She never skipped meals and consumed more healthy and fresh foods. Ella was also thankful for the support and pieces of advice of her family and friends.

Ella Bleu Travolta’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

The main thing in getting in shape and losing weight is exercising. Ella Bleu Travolta did not tell precisely what routine she has in her weight loss program. But she did mention building a healthy habit, such as participating in horseback riding, that significantly contributed to her weight loss journey.

Ella Bleu Travolta Before and After Weight Loss

Ella Bleu Travoltas physical transformation started in 2018, and she noticed the massive changes in her appearance, especially her body figure. In 2019, she made headlines by appearing with a drastic change on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her transformation was utterly transparent, and she lost half of her weight.

The young actress is now much more healthy and fit. Her beauty came out even more as she started improving her health. Her face toned down, making her jawline look sharper, and her cheekbones also now looked high. The considerable difference in her pictures made her become a role model for young ones. As of now, she weighs approximately 59 kilograms.

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