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Home » Ellen Marie Bennett Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Ellen Marie Bennett Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Ellen Marie Bennett before and after her weight loss

Ellen Marie Bennett is a Mexican-American entrepreneur and founder of the multi-million dollar kitchen-wear and apron company “Hedley & Bennett.” Bennett became a well-known character in the entrepreneurial sphere and on social media for her innovation of the typical and unstylish aprons used by most chefs when she was still a line cook.

According to Bennett, she was frustrated over the low-quality aprons they were provided most of the time; she believed that most companies genuinely do not know the impact of a quality kitchen wearing an apron on the performance of a true chef. Bennett had always had an eye for designs and cloth making, so offering her former head chef supplies of fine aprons without any means of actually providing them had ultimately become the most pivotal moment in her life.

The execution part of the production of her company is tedious, but as of today, “Hedley & Bennett” is flourishing more than ever.

This article is dedicated to Ellen Marie Bennett’s weight loss, her before and after looks, current weight, and the diet plan she used to achieve her transformation.

This article is about Ellen Marie Bennett’s weight loss details. Bennett’s looks before and after weight loss.


Ellen Marie Bennett Weight Loss Journey

Image of Ellen Marie Bennett after losing weight

Ellen Marie Bennett after losing weight

Before her wedding, Bennett enrolled in the fitness class of a famous social media influencer and model, Lacey Stone. According to Bennett, in a podcast she had with Stone, her main goal was to look her best on her wedding day.

Before enrolling in the training program, she revealed that she weighed 165 pounds in 2018 and astonishingly lost over twenty pounds in just eight months. Her training had been a major success because she simultaneously decreased her body fat percentage and gained muscle and definition along the way.

Bennett has always been an optimist — in her interviews where she’s proposed a tricky question; she always manages to brush all of the anxiety-ridden undertones within the question and answer with the most positivity that one could muster. She also applied her “go with the flow” work ethic to her fitness journey. One of her biggest motivations was the women around her during her training in LSF, the mere fact that the people around her have so many responsibilities and a life to maintain themselves. Yet, they still managed to show up to the gym every day, giving her confidence that she — despite her struggles and responsibilities — could do anything she put her mind on.

Ellen Marie Bennett’s Weight Loss Surgery

Pictures of Ellen’s weight loss transformation are available online; she and her trainer were extremely proud of their joint success and hoped their cooperation could inspire others too. Knowing this, Bennett has never undergone any weight loss surgery to lose the 30 pounds that she did during her training camp with Lacey Stone.

All of her progress was naturally obtained through diet and exercise.

Ellen Marie Bennett’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Ellen Marie Bennett and her favorite healthy diet

Ellen Marie Bennett and her favorite healthy diet

One of Ellen’s most talked about tips that worked so well for her weight loss is to drink plenty of water. She revealed that she invested in 40 ozs. Water jug to maintain her water intake throughout the day; water helped her maintain a clear mindset to continue her days with enthusiasm.

Ellen Marie Bennett’s Exercise for Weight Loss

Image of Ellen Marie Bennett doing her work out routine

Ellen Marie Bennett doing her work out routine

Ellen owes her weight loss success to Lacey Stone’s fitness program. In the initial stages of her enrollment in the fitness instructor’s health improvement course, she said that she could barely do a 1-minute plank.

But after months of doing Stone’s workout, she revealed that she could now do up to 3 minutes of plank without wheezing or tiring too quickly, and her progress in strength and stamina drastically improved. Another facet she’s hugely grateful for in her admittance to the fitness program was that it sharpened her consistency and self-discipline, which she proudly indicated to have bled into her work ethic too.

Ellen Marie Bennett Before and After Weight Loss

Before Ellen’s transformation, she had always been a bright shine amongst the crowd. But her weight loss had given her the most undeniable glow that any bride wishes to achieve on their wedding day. Her inspiring weight loss had been of a healthy mindset and execution that earned her respect from her supporters.

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