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Home » Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Gabbie Hanna before and after her weight loss

Gabbie Hanna is a singer-songwriter and internet personality who gained recognition on Vine and YouTube after uploading her skits in 2013 in Vine. Her account on the Vine app had over five million followers when she uploaded her activities.

She then started a YouTube channel named, The Gabbie Show in 2014. Her channel has different content and stories and accumulated 5.29 million subscribers and 1 billion views as of today.

In 2017, she released Adultolescence, a poetry book, and in the same year, she released a single, Out Loud, which is the mark of her career in the music industry. She also hosted Total Request Live.

Gabbie was also nominated for Streamy Award for Storytelling, won it in 2018, and released a song, Honestly. In 2019, she released 2WAYMIRROR and had her first significant role in the series, Escape the Night on YouTube Premium.

On the other hand, her latest song, Dandelion, was released in 2020.

This article is about Gabbie Hanna’s weight loss details. Hanna’s looks before and after weight loss.


Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss Journey

Image of Gabbie Hanna after losing weight

Gabbie Hanna after losing weight

Like any other celebrities whose fans are very supportive and show their love for the new transformation of well-known actors and actresses, Gabbie Hanna’s case is the opposite. She often updates her weight loss journey on her YouTube channel; however, she has received numerous hate and bash.

When Gabbie started her progress in shedding weight, she clearly stated that she did not have enough knowledge about it. Netizens continued to criticize her, saying that she already has a slim body and why she cannot be contented with it.

Even some trainers gave a response to her video about her weight loss journey. Still, she wanted to achieve her ideal body and ignored all the hate she received.

Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss Diet Plan

In her YouTube video, she revealed the foods she intakes. She openly informed her viewers that she is not a dietitian or any professional nutritionist, and her pure intention was to share what was influential in her weight loss.

For breakfast, she usually eats bacon and eggs; she was not tracking her calories; she consumed different dishes. She also claimed that she eats food every five hours.

Gabbie Hanna Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Gabbie Hanna after doing her work out routine

Gabbie Hanna after doing her workout routine

In the morning, she shared that she was working on her cardio. Gabbie Hanna advised all in the process of shedding weight to wait for two hours after consuming food before working out.

In her video, she mentioned having a trainer in a gym, but she did not share her exercise routine. There are also comments that Gabbie sometimes goes to the gym every day.

Gabbie Hanna Before and After Weight Loss

Hates continued to escalate, pointing to Gabbie Hanna while she was shedding weight. Nevertheless, she turned blind and did not listen to them as she was happy, living a healthy lifestyle.

Gabbie once said that she maintains her body weight of 142 to 148 pounds, and after undergoing a weight loss journey, some sources stated that she now weighs 121 pounds.

Although her body is not that wide, we still can notice that her figure began forming hourglass-shaped, unlike before. In her past pictures, she has massive hips and legs; her stomach is also pretty plump.

However, after her weight loss journey, we can see that her figure is now perfectly slim.

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