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Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Diet Plan

Image of Gabriel Iglesias before and after his weight loss

Gabriel Jesús Iglesias, professionally known as Gabriel Iglesias, is a renowned standup comedian and actor from the USA. He is the producer of many standup specials broadcast on television networks, such as Comedy Central, and streamed on Netflix.

He is also known by his nickname “Fluffy.” As an actor, Gabriel has portrayed roles in a variety of live-action and animated TV shows and movies, including the lead role in the Netflix sitcom “Mr. Iglesias,” the role of Tobias in the film “Magic Mike” and the voice of Speedy Gonzales in “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

Learn details regarding the weight loss journey of Gabriel Iglesias and the transformation of his looks. Read about his exercise routine and diet plan!

This article is about Gabriel Iglesias’ weight loss details. Iglesias’ looks before and after weight loss.

Gabriel Iglesias’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Gabriel Iglesias after losing weight

Gabriel Iglesias, after losing weight

Gabriel Iglesias faced challenges along the way to his goal of losing weight, but with the right amount of dedication, he successfully cut down on the excess weight he carried. The famed comedian had issues related to his weight until he decided to change his lifestyle to achieve a healthy and fit body.

People used to think of him as hilarious, and he also enjoyed portraying himself in this light. However, there was a period in his life when he reached a weight of about 447 pounds, and because he was unhappy with his appearance, he fell into deep despair.

Suddenly, Gabriel decided to start losing weight, and by adhering to all of the stages, he was able to have the fit figure he had been hoping for. After some time, he looked down and discovered that the backs of his legs were nearly black due to inadequate circulation.

The comedian used to notice that the flesh on his leg was beginning to split. After some time had passed, he became aware that the bleeding had started as a result of the cracked portion of the leg.

He was aware that he had exceeded the acceptable levels of weight, which caused him a great deal of frustration. Because of his obesity, Gabriel decided to visit a doctor and seek advice from a professional.

He went to the doctor because he was curious about his weight situation, and the doctor advised him that if the comedian did not change the way Gabriel lived, he only had two years left to live. On that day, the comedian decided to adopt a new lifestyle and start living a healthier existence.

Gabriel Iglesias’ Diet Plan

During the time of the lockdown, all of the restaurants were closed. Gabriel was left with no other option except to consume his meals at home.

Therefore, he decided to prepare his meals. In general, the standup comedian prepared SPAM and eggs, as well as hot dogs, bacon, and a variety of other dishes that contain protein.

During his attempt to lose weight, he quit eating fast food and included this in his diet. Gabriel adhered to a low-carb diet that focuses on eating a lot of vegetables, fruits with low sugar content, and lean protein.

He also began to increase the amount of water he consumed daily. The comedian found that he would eat less if he drank more water.

Gabriel Iglesias’ Workout Routine

Gabriel began his practice of yoga but had a difficult time with it. However, the comedian started by striking some simple stances.

He received assistance from DDP. In addition, every morning, he would spend fifteen to thirty minutes jogging on a treadmill.

Gabriel Iglesias Before and After Weight Loss Looks

Looking at his before and after photos, the comedian looks thinner and much healthier. If you look closely, Gabriel seems to lose fats on his face and some of his body.

Nevertheless, shedding more than fifty pounds is a significant accomplishment few people have gained. He is currently 76 kilograms, as per sources.

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