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Home » George Covington Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan

George Covington Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of George Covington before and after his weight loss

George Covington is a 46-year-old man who is a kindergarten teacher featured in a documentary series, Too Large on TLC. The series features different individuals who weigh above 500 pounds.

With the mentoring of renowned Dr. Charles Procter, a bariatric surgeon, he helped them to start living a healthy life with fitness and a proper diet. In the show’s first season, there are six individuals with different stories; one of them is George Covington.

In season one, episode three, he was featured battling a severe weight and food addiction. George was one of the people who Dr. Procter helped.

Since then, he has kept in touch with Dr. Procter, and they often watch basketball games. While teaching in a kindergarten school, George also started experimenting with clothes and eventually established his plus-sized clothing brand, FatBoy Lifestyle.

This article is about George Covington’s weight loss details. Covington’s looks before and after weight loss.


George Covington Weight Loss Journey

Image of George Covington after losing weight

George Covington after losing weight

Since he was a kid, George Covington never heard his name being called; instead, the nickname that people gave him is, ‘big guy.’ He was larger than any of the children his age, as he had always been addicted to food.

His girlfriend also left him because of his size and never got to be physical with him. Even just walking for ten steps drain so much of his energy.

He was so massive that even the parents of the children he teaches feared that what if he suddenly fell on one of the children? With that thought of a parent, he decided to embark on a weight loss program.

The audience rooted for George as he started his journey and even expressed their opinions on how incredible George is. They admired him for living his life to the fullest despite his struggles and condition.

George Covington Surgery

As he decided to lose weight, George Covington met Dr. Charles Procter in Atlanta, consulting if he was qualified to undergo bariatric surgery. George was 680 pounds then, and Dr. Procter advised him to lose 75 pounds to be eligible for surgery.

Dr. Procter gave him three months and two weeks to lose pounds, and George successfully did it. Before the surgery, he first talked to a bariatric psychologist who helped him boost his self-worth.

During the surgery, Dr. Procter found out that he had a large gall stone and proceeded to remove two-thirds of his stomach and gallbladder.

George Covington Weight Loss Diet Plan

George Covington did not share his diet plan, but we can see in various sources that he has been consuming healthy food like vegetables and fresh fruits. He also follows the advice given him by Dr. Charles Procter that he must eat to lose weight.

George Covington Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of George Covington doing his work out routine in a low bench

George Covington is doing his workout routine on a low bench

Even though George Covington did not release any statement about his exercise routine, there are various sources we can see that he has been lifting weights. Surely, George has been exercising to improve his health as this also provides him strength.

George Covington Before and After Weight Loss

George Covington’s body was too massive, making it difficult to explain his appearance. He was over obesity that making his face no longer proportion to his body.

His physique hinders him from moving as he wants, and he fears because of his vast body. His fats affected his skin, creating an extra portion of skin in every part of his body, making it looks loose.

The viewers admired him for being a great teacher and having a good personality. They loved how George refused to let his weight define his body and do what he wanted.

George’s weight at the start of Too Large was 680 pounds, and as he began his weight loss journey, he reached 528 pounds losing more than 150 pounds. And until now, he is still working out to shed weight.

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