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Greg Bedard Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Greg Bedard before and after his weight loss

Greg Bedard is a senior National Football League (NFL) writer who covered the significant gameplays and wins of the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, and Miami Dolphins. Bedard is the editor-in-chief and founder of the online sports chapter, the Boston Sports Journal.

He also briefly served as a weekly columnist for the Sports Illustrated sub-section, The MMQB but was cut out of the show due to corporal directional downsizing. Bedard was born in Springfield, Missouri but was raised in South Florida.

He attended the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and regularly participated in the school’s baseball and golf teams. His interest in journalism was nurtured when he became an associate sports editor in his alma mater’s university newspaper, The Daily Targum.

Before becoming a respected sports columnist in the NFL, Greg began his career as an agent clerk for a local newspaper business. Still, he gained momentum in his career when he covered the 2003 World Series Championship Game, where South Florida sports enthusiasts recognized him.

Afterward, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass media at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Greg achieved his position as editor-in-chief of the Boston Sports Journal and senior columnist as well as a sports analyst for the New England Patriots for his blunt yet far conviction of the team’s performances.

This article is about Greg Bedard’s weight loss details. Bedard’s looks before and after weight loss.


Greg Bedard’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Greg Bedard after losing weight

Greg Bedard, after losing weight

Bedard actively speaks of his successful weight loss story on personal social media accounts. As a former sportsman and a sports analyst, health is an important aspect to which all athletes pay the most attention.

The primary reason Greg works hard for his weight loss is to be able to perform optimally in his line of work; when he is not often holed up in his office to write incessant amounts of articles or in the studio to perform his analyst duties — he frequents several games of his favorite teams to cover their performance in their next news reports. Greg admits that it can be an exhausting job, but it does not lessen his passion for journalism and sports.

And so, he took it upon himself to be responsible for his health and prevent the onset of any age-related issues that unattended health could manifest. He tweeted his weekly weight loss update in November 2021, “Down another 2.2% body fat this week thanks to @Awaken180 Weight Loss.

Reserve your consultation today and join me in losing weight this holiday season.” And just this March, he proudly announced that he had lost 90 pounds through his subscription to the Awaken 180 Weight Loss diet and health program with a joyous tweet, “Hit @Awaken180 on the way home from @FelgerAndMazz … officially down over 90 pounds! Little further to go #awakenpartner”.

Greg Bedard’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Greg is an avid user of the Awaken 180 Weightloss, a weight loss program that tailors a personal diet based on your weight, disposition, and schedule. The program promises to help its clients lose weight without lifting weights and stress.

The weight loss program is done through personal and online one-on-one coaching from a representative nutritionist from Awake 180. As well as a timetable and personalized food prepping ideas that one can easily follow.

Though Greg has been vocal about his faith in the Awaken 180 Weightloss program, the obscurities of his diet remain undisclosed.

Greg Bedard’s Exercise for Weight Loss

Greg has not spoken much about his workout routine following his weight loss. But according to the principles of Awaken 180, working out is an optional choice for their clients. Greg’s active lifestyle might have been the only form of exercise that helped him achieve his weight loss.

Greg Bedard Before and After Weight Loss

Greg appears to be an even more active and fantastic columnist and sports anchor, as seen by his appearances as an analyst during the Patriots gameplays. His supporters applaud him for his successful 90-pound weight loss, and he also encourages others to pursue their best version all the time, whether through a weight loss or not.

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