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Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Hugh Bonneville before and after his weight loss

Hugh Richard Bonneville Williams, most known as Hugh Bonneville, is a British actor who made his name even known in his character as Robert Crawley in the historical drama Downton Abbey. With his role in this drama, he had an opportunity to earn two consecutive nominations, in Emmy Award and Golden Globe.

His career started on the theatrical stage when he debuted in Open Air Theater and worked in the National Theater in 1987. He performed several plays in various theatres until he had an opportunity to be in television series and appeared in Chancer for two episodes.

Afterward, he had a chance to appear again in a series, Dodgem, for five episodes in 1991. His debut on the big screen was Marry Shelly’s Frankenstein, which was the start of his career to set off.

From then until 2017, he had been in 38 movies, and within these years, he had been most recognized in Paddington 2, Monuments Men, and Notting Hill. The television series Downton Abbey he starred in is the most successful show in his career.

This article is about Hugh Bonneville’s weight loss details. Bonneville’s looks before and after weight loss.


Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Journey

Image of Hugh Bonneville after losing weight

Hugh Bonneville after losing weight

The actor has been in the process of weight loss for quite some time. However, his changes were barely noticeable until the pandemic came. Huge Bonneville sees the pandemic as an opportunity to start his weight loss program.

He also stated that the catalyst of the start of his journey was his wife when she called him fat as a pig. Throughout his career, there are also people who see his physical appearance as fat and massive, and he often gets hate because of it.

That’s why the netizens were astounded by his physical transformation after being locked down. He was humiliated and decided to start shedding weight.

Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Diet Plan

Hugh Bonneville revealed that he hired a personal trainer to take his weight loss seriously. He had gone to a no-carbohydrate diet and eliminated all the unhealthy foods he intakes.

Overall, he decreases the portion he consumes every meal. And because of his discipline in his diet, he achieved a reasonable body weight.

Hugh Bonneville Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Exercise is also one of the key factors that helped Hugh Bonneville to shed weight. He frequently posts some of his selfies on his social media while taking a jog.

Hugh did not reveal any other routine he had or how much time he invested in jogging or other exercises to achieve his current weight.

Hugh Bonneville Before and After Weight Loss

After struggling with his appearance for years, Hugh Bonneville’s hard work finally paid off. If others were depressed amid the pandemic, Hugh took this as an opportunity to glow up.

At the same time, he is also grateful to the people who criticize him since that motivates him.

Some of Hugh’s followers praise his trainer for giving the actor a successful weight loss. Compared to his older photos, his neck fat was no longer there, revealing his jawline.

His body also slimmed down as he lost 16 pounds. Hugh was also praised for having a youthful glow and a good-looking appearance after he had seen in public.

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