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Issa Rae Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

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Image of Issa Rae before and after her weight loss

Jo-Issa Rae Diop is an essayist, female artist, producer, and stand-up comedian from the United States of America. She rose to fame because her Awkward Black Girl series was uploaded on her own YouTube channel.

Her account on YouTube was established in 2011 and is still widening its reach. The contents of her self-named channel are mostly comprised of web series and short films produced and published by black people.

Because she has been living in the limelight as a YouTuber, people observed that she underwent a weight loss journey. If you want to know more about her transformation, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article.

This article is about Issa Rae’s weight loss details. Rae’s looks before and after weight loss.

Issa Rae’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Issa Rae after losing weight

Issa Rae after losing weight

When Issa started the Awkward Black Girl series, she mentioned that she did not have issues concerning her weight. However, as she continues to rise to fame, people point fingers that her weight is a problem.

In 2016, the team Issa Rae released a series entitled Insecure. While reviewing the series, she became unhappy with her television appearance, which encouraged her to shed some pounds off her body.

Issa Rae’s Diet Plan

Being able to have access to whatever she desired, Issa gained weight because she is a frequent visitor to fast food chains. Therefore, when she decided that her weight did not make her happy anymore, dropping fast food was one of the things she must fall.

When she established her discipline regarding her diet plan, she chose keto-based meal plans to assist her weight loss journey. Additionally, she incorporated fiber-rich vegetables and fruits to help make her metabolism faster.

Issa Rae’s Workout Routine

As a beginner in the weight loss journey, the actress made sure to make her workout routines simple to be sustainable. Because of it, she could stay consistent and achieve her goals in no time.

One of the top routines in her workout is walking because of her location in California. The hilly terrain of the state helped her to shed pounds.

She makes sure to hit the gym when she has extra time to assist in her weight loss journey. Aside from walking, it has been helpful for her in toning her muscles.

Issa Rae’s Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of Issa Rae are promising because of her dedication to achieving her goal. According to sources, she lost approximately 50 pounds during her weight loss journey.

Her weight transformation helped her gain more confidence and function better as an artist in the industry. Because of the positive yield of her hard work, many people were inspired to start their weight loss journey.

The writer said that her family, friends, and fans supported her goal, which is why she could achieve it faster than expected. Without their encouragement, she would probably be stagnant in her progress.

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