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Home » Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Surgery

Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Surgery

Image of Jackson Galaxy before and after his weight loss

Jackson Galaxy is a cat lover and behaviorist in the television show, My Cat from Hell. He was previously a rock musician in 1992; however, he began learning about cats and privately practicing with Dr. Jean Hofve, a veterinarian animal shelter, to become a cat consultant in Little Big Cat Inc.

Later, he learned how to deal with the cats one-on-one in their homes to determine their behavioral issues. This was the start of his career as a cat behaviorist as the two of them began providing consultations about the physical and behavioral connection of cats to their owners.

In 2007, he then moved to Los Angeles, California, and continued his private consulting. Currently, he works with Fix Nation and Stray Cat Alliance in Loss Angeles; Jackson is also on the Board of Advisors in New York City for Neighborhood Cats.

Additionally, Jackson appeared as a cat behaviorist expert in the television show Cats 101 and Thought Like a Cat. The series, My Cat from Hell, began its air in May 2021 as he helped the owners to resolve their conflict with their cats.

This article is about Jackson Galaxy’s weight loss details. Galaxy’s looks before and after weight loss.


Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jackson Galaxy after losing weight

Jackson Galaxy after losing weight

The one thing Jackson Galaxy loved the most was food, so naturally, he has issues with his body weight. He then changed his attitude towards his body and committed to changing his lifestyle.

The physical change he has started with is developing his mentality, and he stopped indulging in the things that are not healthy for his body. People began asking him how he achieved a perfect weight and what the thing he did to achieve a sudden slim figure.

Jackson shared her weight loss journey and indicated that if you want to gain your ideal weight, you need commendable discipline in yourself.

Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss Surgery

Jackson Galaxy underwent a Gastric Bypass surgery before committing himself to a permanent diet to change his lifestyle. The objective of this surgery is to make your appetite reduce.

You might hear about the Gastric Bypass once; this surgery is effective for people who want to lose weight as this decrease the size of your stomach to limit the foods you intake.

Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss Diet Plan

The person who helped him with his diet plan is his wife, as she influenced him to become a vegan. Jackson Galaxy did not share more information about the dishes that helped her to reduce weight.

The only thing he said was he was able to adopt a new lifestyle by consuming the leafy vegetables that his wife taught him.

Jackson Galaxy Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the effective tools to pull your weight down as it has numerous active forms that are challenging enough to burn the calories in your body. Taking yoga classes regularly with his wife is the only exercise routine Jackson shared.

Aside from yoga, he did not mention anything; this might be the workout that helped him shed weight.

Jackson Galaxy Before and After Weight Loss

Jackson Galaxy is one of the admirable well-known people with a steel amount of discipline to change his attitude in living a healthy lifestyle. His battle with his weight loss was indeed praiseworthy as he was once 400 pounds until he had undergone surgery and decreased to 250 pounds.

However, his battle did not stop there as he gained some pounds again. Jackson decided to quit smoking later, and when his wife helped her in his journey, he was able to pull her weight down to 200 pounds, and until now, he has been able to maintain it.

As you can see, Jackson lost half of his body size and now has a slimmer body and face, although his iconic beard is still there.

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