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James Denton Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine

Image of James Denton before and after his weight loss

James Thomas Denton Jr., widely known as James Denton, is an American actor and musician known for appearing in several films and series. He is famously known as the character Mike Delfino in ABC’s American comedy and drama series, Desperate Housewives, which aired for eight years from 2004 to 2012.

James also played the role of Dr. Sam Radford in the Good Witch, which aired from 2015 to 2021 on Hallmark Channel. James Denton was born on the 20th of January in 1963 in Nashville, Tennessee.

He attended and earned his degree in Advertising at the University of Tennessee after majoring in Television/Journalism. After graduating, Jame sold advertising to different radio stations while preparing to pursue a career in acting.

When he reached 23 years old, he began joining the community theater in his hometown. Eventually, he moved to California to focus on his acting career entirely.

Aside from acting, Jame is also part of a charity band named Band From TV. His bandmates are also his fellow actors and actresses, including Greg Grunberg, Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer, Teri Hatcher, and many more.

All the proceeds they collected from performing at different venues are donated to various charities.

This article is about James Denton’s weight loss details. Denton’s looks before and after weight loss.


James Denton Weight Loss Journey

Image of James Denton after losing weight

James Denton after losing weight

James Denton had faced different problems regarding his weight and health years ago. He revealed that he had a hard time controlling his drinking habits, and he did not have any motivation to hit the gym.

However, when he received the news that he got accepted to participate in ABC’s upcoming comedy-drama series, James became conscious of his health. He decided to change his bad habits and take care of his health. It is also a reason to improve his appearance by losing a little weight.

James Denton Weight Loss Diet Plan

James mentioned that cutting off alcohol made a significant impact on his diet. His diet mainly consists of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, as he gave up on junk foods.

After getting informed by the producers about getting the part, James jokingly said that he threw his pizza away, placed his beer down, and ran to the gym.

James Denton Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

The actor mentioned that he had been going to the gym while preparing for his role. However, James did not reveal any details regarding his exercise routine.

This article will be updated for more specific information regarding the actor’s exercise routine for his weight loss.

James Denton Before and After Weight Loss

After comparing his looks before and during Desperate Housewives, anyone noticed his appearance change. His body and face got slimmer and fit-looking compared to before.

James did not reveal his total pounds, but anyone can confirm that the actor lost weight. The role served as his motivation to go along his weight loss journey.

He wanted to make sure he was perfect for the part given to him, so he worked hard to achieve his health goals.

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