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James Harden Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of James Harden before and after his weight loss

The Philadelphia 76ers’ recent success in the playoffs can be attributed to James Harden. He is a professional shooting guard in the National Basketball Association.

He started his professional career in the Oklahoma City Thunder after getting selected in the 2009 NBA draft. He then went to the Houston Rockets, where he was named the MVP of the league in 2018.

With his continued excellence, Harden was named All-Star for more than ten seasons. He is also a part of six All-NBA first teams.

Are you a fan of the basketball player? Read more to find out about James Harden’s weight loss journey.

This article is about James Harden’s weight loss details. Harden’s looks before and after weight loss.


James Harden’s Weight Loss: Journey

Image of James Harden after losing weight

James Harden, after losing weight

James is a tried and tested NBA player. He played in the league for more than a decade.

Because of this, many fans were shocked when they saw the basketball player’s body during his last game with the rockets. Some say that this is due to the stress caused by the environment of the team.

But after getting traded, Harden was noticeably losing weight. Despite this, the basketball player never cleared why he tried to lose weight after going to the Brooklyn Nets.

James Harden’s Diet Plan

Before his weight loss, news about his partying habits was the talk of the community. Many analysts said that the Houston nightlife affected his weight and habits.

Since he left the Houston area, he had less time to party and drink alcohol. The basketball player said that he only ate what their team’s nutritionist and dietitian gave him.

Harden’s diet is composed of healthy protein and calories to support his performance in-game.

James Harden’s Workout Routine

Image of James Harden playing basketball as his sport and work out

James Harden plays basketball as his sport and works out

As a basketball player with All-star caliber skills, Harden is expected to practice and train more often than other players. Because of his regular training with his current team, it does not seem surprising that he has lost weight.

Based on some reports, the MVP guard spent most of his rest days in the basketball gym. Because of the amount of work he has put in, he sweated a lot resulting in his weight loss.

Although there are no specific reports on his method, we can assume that his workout routine involves the standard workouts and training for professional basketball players.

James Harden’s Before and After Looks

Even if you do not follow the basketball player or the NBA, the changes that happened to Harden’s body was seen as a peculiar phenomenon. Because it all happened almost overnight, some speculated that it was just for show, and the basketball player faked it.

Nonetheless, James’ body transformation is still impressive. In a short span of weeks, the 76ers guard is seen to have lost more than twenty pounds of weight.

In a picture that circulated the internet, Harden’s body is seen to be bloated that could be compared to a balloon. If it is shown side by side with his latest picture, anybody could notice the amount of weight he lost in just a few days.

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