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Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Jamie Kern Lima before and after her weight loss

A philanthropist and entrepreneur who is one of the founders of IT Cosmetics are Jamie Kern Lima. The company she established began in her living room, went to L’Oréal, and sold it for $1.2 billion.

She became the first CEO woman in L’Oréal history. She is also on the Forbes Richest Self-Made Women list and has invested in more than 15 companies.

She worked for more than 100 hours for weeks to chase her dream when she began her journey in establishing IT Cosmetics. She experienced many No’s from different companies. Her firm perseverance and fashion led her to present her products and sell them for more than 1000 live shows on QVC.

Her products eventually became the most prominent beauty brand. As she speaks in front of the crowd, Jamie Kern Lima shares her ups and downs, her stories that can overcome rejection, self-doubt, and underestimation.

She became an inspiration and encouragement to women who hoped to be entrepreneurs. She continued to say never to give up your dreams and be passionate, empowering every woman worldwide.


Jamie Kern Lima’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jamie Kern Lima after her weight loss

Jamie Kern Lima, after her weight loss

Jamie Kern Lima once shared how she was gravely insecure with her body in high school. She wanted to look slender and attractive, so she secretly began taking pills that she mostly snuck in her books and consuming diet shakes. However, she eventually stopped doing those things.

Before gaining a successful life, her world was full of criticisms about her looks and body. As a busy woman, she never again meddles in her weight and health since she also worked 100 hours per week.

And then, one day, she started taking care of her health and losing some weight.

Jamie Kern Lima’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

She stated that she does not waste time on creating a diet plan; she consumes healthy foods as much as possible and restricts herself from having an excessive amount of meals. Jamie Kern Lima also stated that she started refusing junk foods and unhealthy cuisines.

Moreover, she realized how unhealthy the pills were and regretted taking those as they hurt her body. Jamie Kern Lima now leans on numerous natural ways as this is more effective in achieving her desired figure.

Jamie Kern Lima’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Her exercise routine mainly focuses on yoga. Every morning for 20 to 30 minutes, she first tried accessible forms of yoga before jumping into hard ones.

This makes her body flexible and gives her more energy to go through her day without being too stressed.

Jamie Kern Lima Before and After Weight Loss

If we look at Jamie Kern Lima’s old pictures and compare them to her current look, her physical transformation is significant. In her early years in showing in media, she is covered with excessive fats, specifically in her belly and arms.

Still, being in obesity did not hinder her from becoming a stunning woman. Recently, we can see that she toned down, and her body now corresponds to her face.

Her facial features are pretty small, which matches her triangleshaped face. She, even more, becomes splendid than before.

She did not state any details about her current weight and how many pounds she had lost. Still, seeing her photos, we noticed that the weight she shed was huge.

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