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Jason Lee Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Jason Lee before and after his weight loss

Jason Lee is part of the reality tv show Love & Hip Hop. He entered the show in its second season, where he played Kamaih’s friend.

After staying with the show until season three, Jason left and decided to venture out to other career paths. He was hired as a radio host for the Hollywood Unlocked news.

Jason continued to work for the show amassing more than twenty million dollars in salary. The radio show host appeared again in Love & Hip Hop’s sixth season and had a recurring role in the show.

Want to know more about the reality tv star? Read this article about Jason Lee’s weight loss journey.

This article is about Jason Lee’s weight loss details. Lee’s looks before and after weight loss.


Jason Lee’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jason Lee after losing weight

Jason Lee, after losing weight

The long-time tv show host has been on the heavier side in the early days of his career. He was also diagnosed with diabetes which made him reflect on his actions.

Lee said that although he did not see it, it felt like something was wrong with his body. At first, he wanted to do it quickly and undergo surgery.

But he thought it through and decided to kickstart his weight loss campaign by eating the right foods.

Jason Lee’s Diet Plan

Since he had diabetes, many foods were cut from his diet. Jason refrained from taking red meat and other dairy products.

He also said that he avoided eating chicken as well. The celebrity also had a diet that consisted mainly of vegetables and fruits.

He said that his diet made him feel a lot different, and he thought more energy was stored in his body. The host also noted that although it was hard at first, it was very worth it because it helped him through his battle with his diabetes.

Jason Lee’s Workout Routine

According to the reality tv star, he always would go to the gym. But when the pandemic hit, he started doing workouts in his garden.

He did some bodyweight training and weight lifting to increase his strength and overall appearance. The host said it was important to him to enjoy while simultaneously burning calories.

The celebrity also said surgery was never the answer to his obese figure. Instead, he opted for a much natural manner where he would burn the fats and eat healthy to stay fit.

Jason Lee’s Before and After Looks

Ever since his appearance in the reality tv show Love & Hip Hop, Jason has gained more than five hundred thousand followers on the social media platform Instagram. Fans of the celebrity are shocked to witness his weight loss transformation during the pandemic.

Since the taping of his shows is temporarily stopped, Jason took his body goals on Instagram. Everybody was amazed after seeing his muscles ballooned, and most of his body fats were nowhere to be found.

According to sources, Jason lost more than ninety pounds after his transformation.

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