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Home » Jennifer Franciotti Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Jennifer Franciotti Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Jennifer Franciotti before and after her weight loss

Jennifer Franciotti is a longtime newscaster on WBAL-TV; she is present every morning as a reporter and an anchor on weekends on television, delivering the current news. She has been in the station since 2001, which makes her serve the channel for more than two decades now.

In her long years serving WBAL-TV, she had met and worked alongside numerous excellent anchors, sports anchors, weather forecasters, and reporters. Ava Marie, Tony Pann, Gerry Sandusky, Taylor Grenda, and Stan Stovall are some of them.

Previously, Jennifer worked as an intern at ABC Missouri. After graduating from Northwest Missouri State University, she immediately landed a full-time morning anchor job.

She also had experience as a helicopter traffic reporter for three years. Another fact about Jennifer, she is one of the biggest fans of the Baltimore Ravens, a professional football team.

This article is about Jennifer Franciotti’s weight loss details. Franciotti’s looks before and after weight loss.


Jennifer Franciotti’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jennifer Franciotti after her weight loss

Jennifer Franciotti, after her weight loss

Since Jennifer Franciotti keeps appearing on television, people are already familiar with her looks and physical appearance. That’s why when Jennifer appeared with a bit of change in her figure, she became a subject if she underwent plastic surgery of diet. She began having numerous followers and people who focused on her reporting.

The rumours about her having surgery have faded quickly as she speaks that she is starting to have a healthy lifestyle. Netizens are seeking answers on how she achieved her physical transformation.

Jennifer Franciotti’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

The dishes that Jennifer Franciotti prepares are not a diet plan. She claimed that she only enjoys preparing healthy cuisines in her kitchen, especially the recipe for lasagna, taco soup, and Schiaparelli’s salad in Weight Watcher. Of course, consuming these healthy dishes helped her to shed weight, and until now, she maintains her transformation.

Jennifer Franciotti’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Jennifer Franciotti did not elaborate on what exercises she had done to maintain her body figure. However, she claimed that she primarily focused on improving her cardiovascular by waking up early in the morning to take a walk for two to four miles.

When they have a break in her work, she stated that from 6 a.m. to 6:45 a.m., she usually goes through a walk. Doing this exercise of 30 minutes to an hour can burn many calories and even strengthen your heart and immune system.

Jennifer Franciotti’s Before and After Weight Loss

If we compare Jennifer Franciottis body in her early years as a journalist and recent years, she shed weight. Her figure became thinner, although her facial features were still the same. Nonetheless, the viewers admired her even more. In 2019, in her interview in Baltimore Magazine, she said that she had been struggling with her weight her whole life.

Nevertheless, she is grateful that her issue never affected her profession. She continued to deliver news marvellously, and she lost over 25 pounds. Jennifer has lost count of how many pounds have been shed in her weight; however, we can see that she now maintains her slim body.

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