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Jennifer McDermed Weight Loss: Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine, Before and After Looks

Image of Jennifer McDermed before and after her weight loss

Jennifer McDermed is one of Fox 9’s well-renowned meteorologists and weather forecasters. She was born on the 8th of August in 1989 in the city of Atchison in Kansas.

There is not too much information regarding Jennifer’s family and husband. However, it is known to the public that she attended the same university as her father and brother, Kevin and Mark McDermed.

She also shared that she has a sister named Lauren, but she gave no information about her mother’s name. Ever since she was a child, Jennifer’s dream was to become a meteorologist.

While her classmates drew pictures of teachers and doctors as their dreams back in kindergarten, the young Jennifer McDermed drew a bunch of tornadoes with flying cows near them. To pursue her dream, Jennifer attended St. Louis University and earned her degree in Meteorology in May 2013.

She began her professional career right after graduation by being part of St. Joseph’s KQTV before eventually joining WHO-TV 13’s weather team in November 2013. After two months, she transferred to KMBC-TV/KCWE-TV in December 2015, where she broadcasted every weekday during the evening.

Throughout her career, Jennifer had tracked several tornadoes near Texas, Oklahoma, and even in her hometown in Kansas. One of her most special broadcasts was when her team track rated a large tornado an EF-4, with an approximate wind level of 166 to 200 mph, in 2012 at Nylon, Kansas.

Jennifer McDermed is currently under Fox 9 since January 2018, where people can watch her forecasts every night.

This article is about Jennifer McDermed’s weight loss details. McDermed’s looks before and after weigh loss.


Jennifer McDermed’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jennifer McDermed after losing weight

Jennifer McDermed after losing weight

Jennifer was seen extensively on public television as a meteorologist and weather forecaster. Fox 9 is one of the most viewed channels in America.

It is not impossible to know Jennifer as their daily weather forecaster. And since she reports daily, people can somehow become familiar with her appearance on the news.

Some viewers also noticed that the weather reporter is losing some weight. She appears slightly slimmer than in her first appearance on Fox 9, making the viewers curious about her diet.

However, the reporter did not comment on her alleged weight loss, so there is nothing yet to confirm. But based on her appearance, Jennifer seems healthy, so the viewers can assume that her health is not affected in any way.

Jennifer McDermed Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jennifer did not respond to any of the rumors of her weight loss. Hence the media has no information about her diet plan.

Jennifer appears healthy at the moment and is not experiencing any health-related issues, so her diet must be appropriate. Once available, this article will be revised for more information about the meteorologist’s diet.

Jennifer McDermed Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Jennifer McDermed after winning an athletic competition

Jennifer McDermed after winning an athletic competition

The Fox 9 meteorologist has the ideal tall and fit body. But unfortunately, Jennifer had yet to share her weight loss process with the public.

This article will be updated once the reporter decides to reveal her exercise routine.

Jennifer McDermed Before and After Weight Loss

Jennifer is known for her appealing and fit appearance, making everyone curious about her diet and exercise routine. Comparing her appearance during her first days as Fox 9’s meteorologist shows that Jennifer McDermed appears more graceful than before.

However, the reporter revealed no information about her ideal body. People could only assume that she is watching her diet and frequently exercising based on her physique.

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