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Home » Jesus Molina Weight Loss, Before and After Looks, Surgery, Current Weight

Jesus Molina Weight Loss, Before and After Looks, Surgery, Current Weight

Image of Jesus Molina before and after his weight loss

Jesus Molina is a renowned jazz pianist from Colombia. In 2016, he was honored with the famous Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation awards and the Juan Luis Guerra Scholarship, both of which provided him with the opportunity to pursue music education at the Berklee College of Music at no cost to him.

He has recently established himself as a rising talent on the worldwide jazz scene. The jazz pianist was born in 1996 in Sincelejo, Colombia, making him 26 years old at present.

At the age of 12, he began playing the saxophone, but three years later, when he was 15, he decided to switch instruments and concentrate solely on the piano. Learn about Jesus Molina’s weight loss journey.

See details of his weight loss surgery and post-surgery look changes.

This article is about Jesus Molina’s weight loss details. Molina’s looks before and after weight loss.


Jesus Molina’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jesus Molina after his weight loss

Jesus Molina after his weight loss

Since the beginning of his career as a pianist, Jesus has struggled with his weight and has had a poor self-image. In a video that Jesus posted on his YouTube channel, he discusses the difficulties he faced before starting his journey to lose weight and the issues the pianist would face in the future if he did not begin losing weight.

According to him, Jesus enjoyed eating a variety of items at seven-eleven, such as hot dog sandwiches and Snickers ice cream. He says, “I will eat it before so as not to feel guilty about eating all this.”

After some time had passed, Jesus expressed his regret at having eaten and said, “No, I can’t go on with this life.” After that, he eventually went to the doctor and had an examination done, and the doctor told him that if he did not do anything, Jesus might develop cirrhosis in seven to eight months if he did not take any action.

After that, he did what he had to do and what needed to be done. But the question is, did he take surgery to lose weight?

The answer is yes. Read more as we will talk about it below.

Jesus Molina’s Weight Loss Surgery

Image of Jesus Molina's surgery for weight loss from his YouTube channel

Jesus Molina’s surgery for weight loss from his YouTube channel

In the video he uploaded to YouTube, he discusses the issues that might arise in the situation that he did nothing to resolve. When his doctor explained that he would develop cirrhosis if he did not have surgery.

Jesus, being a man and desiring to be more healthy, said yes, and now he has undergone surgery. In the video, he admits that he has issues with snoring and that the pianist falls asleep whenever he is having a conversation with another person.

Dr. Adriana is the name of the surgeon that performed the procedure, and Jesus is undoubtedly thankful to her for all she has done for him.

Jesus Molina’s Before and After Weight Loss Surgery looks

If any of you were wondering how much Jesus Molina weighed before the surgery, the answer is that he was 150 kg (330 lbs). After the surgery, the world-famous jazz pianist dropped to 80 kilograms and lost almost fifty percent of his body weight.

When comparing his older photos to his more current ones, it is clear that he has made positive life changes and appears to be in good condition.

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