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Home » Jimmy Jam Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Jimmy Jam before and after his weight loss

Jimmy Jam is a famous American R&B and pop songwriter and music producer, along with his fellow artist and collaborator Terry Lewis. Born James Samuel “Jimmy Jam” Harris III on June 6, 1959, he is the James Samuel Harris Jr. or Cornbread Harris — a famous songwriter and jazz and blues singer in Minnesota.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are household names in the music industry for their impactful production and collaboration with other world-renowned artists like Janet Jackson, Mariah Carrey, and Johnny Gill. The two met in their alma mater, the University of Minnesota, and formed an 11 – person band called Mind & Matter.

Their 11 – man band, later on, became “Flyte Tyme” but finally transitioned as “The Time” this is the name they promoted and toured with for most of their careers. Jam and Lewis have been working side by side since the 1980s.

One of their first achievements was performing and touring with Prince as their singer’s opening act before the main concert. The music duo is inducted into the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, commemorating their extensive and impressive contribution to the music industry for no less than five decades today.

Jam and Lewis have won five Grammy awards and one hundred American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) awards and royalties for their artistic production. Jam and Lewis co-founded their recording studio, Flyte Tyme Productions, in 2005.

The two are still actively producing R&B and pop music for several artists and released their first studio album, Jam & Lewis: Volume One, in 2021.

This article is about Jimmy Jam’s weight loss details. Jam’s looks before and after weight loss.


Jimmy Jam’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jimmy Jam after losing weight

Jimmy Jam, after losing weight

During a red carpet event in January 2018, Jimmy appeared with his daughter Bella Harris. Fans were a mixture of shock and concern over his massive weight loss after so many years.

In the 1980s, he was kind of hefty in his younger years, but it was not to the brink of obesity. That is why people were keen to discover the reason for Jimmy’s weight loss.

Most have speculated that the singer and producer might be going through some health complications that caused his abrupt weight drop, but Jimmy’s former bandmate and close friend, Keith Sweat, clarified that Harris is not sick or fighting some illness. Keith stated that his friend lost weight through a healthy diet and exercise.

Jimmy Jam’s Weight Loss Surgery

Rumors sparked since Jimmy Jam’s red carpet appearance. News columnists and gossip sites brought up the possibility of gastric bypass surgery.

However, Jimmy cleared up the weight loss surgery rumors by stating that he frequently goes to the gym and adheres to a disciplined diet with his wife.

Jimmy Jam’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Aside from announcing that Jimmy practices a healthy and clean diet, he has not elaborated on the measures and personal eating habits he had to achieve his weight loss.

Jimmy Jam’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Jimmy revealed that he loves going on daily walks to keep the body active and blood flowing. Due to his old age, he is also advised to stay away from extreme workouts as they can cause more adverse effects than good.

And so, he tends to low impact and sustainable workout alternatives, such as walking, instead to fill in the exercise aspect to achieve weight loss.

Jimmy Jam Before and After Weight Loss

Jimmy’s weight loss elicited a mixture of responses from the crowd. Perhaps, his weight loss should not be regarded as a transformation but rather the body’s natural response to aging.

Still, he remains actively working as a head producer in his and Terry Lewis’ production company and shows no signs of retiring soon. He supposedly weighs 171 pounds or 78 kg nowadays since his weight loss.

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