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John Cena Weight Loss. Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Diet Plan

Image of John Cena before and after his weight loss

John Felix Anthony Cena, commonly known as John Cena, is a renowned actor, professional wrestler, and once active in the rap music industry; and is presently signed with WWE since 2001. He is widely considered one of the best wrestlers to ever compete in the sport of professional wrestling.

He was born on the 23rd day of April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, making him 45 years old. Learn more about John Cena’s weight loss journey and diet plan.

See details of his workout routine and change of looks!

This article is about John Cena’s weight loss details. Cena’s looks before and after weight loss.


John Cena’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of John Cena after his weight loss

John Cena, after his weight loss

According to an interview that John Cena gave to GQ, one of the first steps he took on his way to becoming a Hollywood actor was to reflect on his body and the fitness program he followed. The 45-year-old actor shared that one of the essential new workouts he has been doing was yoga.

During his career in WWE, he was 251 lbs, but he claims that he was able to shed lbs after changing his routine such that he concentrated more on yoga. John says this was possible because he increased the amount of time he spent practicing the workout.

John Cena’s Diet Plan

The wrestler consumes an average of seven meals per day; thus, he may spend the same amount of time eating as he does training in the gym. After he eats his first meal of the day, which consists of oatmeal with applesauce and raisins, two whole eggs, and six egg whites, he eats a protein bar for his snack.

The third meal John eats consists of brown rice topped with vegetables and two chicken breasts. The fourth meal for the actor consisted of whole wheat pita bread topped with tuna.

A whey protein smoothie and a banana will be used for the fifth. Salad with chicken or fish, vegetables, and pasta or brown rice consist of his sixth one.

Cottage cheese with low fat and a casein protein drink would be his last meal of the day.

John Cena’s Workout Routine

John often follows a 5-day schedule with two days off in the middle of the week. Throughout the week, he works on all of the central body parts.

It is essential to note that every two weeks, he strives to achieve a one-rep max that is superior to the previous one. This indicates that he is continuously piling on more and more weight, gradually straining his muscles to their breaking point.

In addition, to achieve abs similar to his, the workout plan calls for completing one set of crunches at the end of each training day. How many? For John Cena, a single set consists of sixty of these moves.

If the thought of performing 60 crunches all at once seems overwhelming to you, as it does to us, feel free to split up the exercise into many sets or perform a single set that is shorter in duration. However, just as we stated above, John has decided to do yoga, which helps him lose 20 pounds of weight.

According to the actor, consistently doing yoga improved his physical health and, over time, helped him forge a stronger connection between his body and mind.

John Cena Before and After Weight Loss

Remarkably, John lost twenty pounds of weight through the practice of yoga; even though there has not been much of a change in his physique, he is still a robust man. Nevertheless, John is still a confident man who can make many people smile.

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