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John Popper Weight Loss: Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of John Popper before and after his weight loss

John Popper is a famous music artist from the United States of America. He is most prominent for being the lead vocalist of Blues Traveler.

Aside from being a musician, he is also a composer and a co-founder of the said rock band. His background in music came from a long history of musicians in his family.

People noticed that John Popper went through a weight loss journey. If you want to know more, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article as we further reveal information about his road to losing pounds.

This article is about John Popper’s weight loss details. Popper’s looks before and after weight loss.


John Popper’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of John Popper after losing weight

John Popper after losing weight

The weight loss journey of John Popper started when he experienced a stroke. His unhealthy lifestyle nearly cost him his life; that is why he decided that he would live healthily from there on.

With the fear of not living long enough to see his family’s milestones, he made a life-altering choice. Sources state that his heart stroke nearly killed him; that is why it was required of him to lose weight when he recovered from it.

Not doing anything about it would surely put an end to his life. As of this writing, John Popper is still making an everyday choice of not returning to his old lifestyle.

John Popper’s Surgery

John Popper went through several surgeries in his life. The first surgery he went through was in the year 1999.

The reason why he went through surgery was that he suffered from a heart attack. It was an emergency angioplasty to save his life.

Not long after, he underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose several pounds from his body. His medically-assisted surgery was to put him back on the right track of his weight loss journey.

John Popper’s Diet Plan

John Popper did not disclose anything about his diet, but people assumed that he rejected the consumption of fats because of his heart disease. Furthermore, he also eats more fruits and vegetables with the hope of prolonging his lifespan.

Most of his liquids come from water which has been helpful in flushing toxins from his body. Also, it was once mentioned in an interview that he drinks fruits and vegetable smoothies if ever he is craving something cold and sweet.

John Popper’s Workout Routine

As an older adult, the workout routines available for John Popper have been limited. According to sources, he was advised by his doctor to walk more if it is possible.

Completing 10,000 steps at most is very helpful in terms of his heart health. Additionally, he is also moving as much as he can to regulate his blood flow.

John Popper’s Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of John Poppers shocked the public. Thanks to his medically-assisted weight loss, he was able to lose excess fat faster.

He mentioned that it is the fastest way to lose fat as well as save his life. From there on, he made sure to maintain his ideal weight to avoid going through a stroke again.

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