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Jose Figueroa Jr. Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Jose Figueroa Jr. before and after the weight loss

A total performer, a Zumba instructor, songwriter, and singer are all the things that made the “The Voice” Season 20 contender Jose Figueroa Jr. famous. The 34-year-old was from New York City and had Puerto Rican roots.

Figueroa started showing his interest in music at the very young age of six. Singing proudly as a way of worship opens his gates to more opportunities.

This October, Figueroa will be celebrating his 34th birthday, but the exact date is unknown. He’s been active for over two decades as a performer and has released albums in 2010 and 2015 that are rare to the mainstream.

He became well known as a strong contender for the Voice Season 20, joining Team Nick. With his passion, he helped nurture another potential to bloom.

Jose coached both dancing and vocal lessons. Figueroa is settled in Kissimmee, Florida, with his lovely family.

He was well-known as a multi-awarded Gospel singer and respected as a world-class entertainer and teacher. Keep reading here to know about his weight loss journey! 


Jose Figueroa Jr.’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jose Figueroa Jr. before the weight loss

Jose Figueroa Jr. before the weight loss

The singer joined The Voice at 226 pounds. He manages to shed off these weights in just six months successfully.

Eventually, he openly shared his new look on the internet last April 7, 2021. Based on his posts, last October 2022, he was 226 pounds, then lost about 60 pounds, which is now reduced to 160 pounds.

Jose is a known Zumba instructor and dedicated himself to helping others become healthier and fit. He prioritized his people, Americans, Africans, and Hispanics, and successfully helped them prevent diseases such as obesity and weight-related issues.

Jose and his mentees motivate each other to continue losing weight through a healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits.

Jose Figueroa Jr.’s Weight Loss Surgery

Aside from showing his transformation, Jose Figueroa does not disclose any information about his weight loss. There are rumours about him having surgery because he is known to have an active lifestyle as a Zumba instructor and he updates and connects with his fans through Instagram.

Jose Figueroa Jr.’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

The diet plan Jose Figueroa Jr follows is still a mystery. But still, fans are pleased to know that the singer can maintain a fitter physique with the workload and stress he faces due to the nature of his profession.

Jose Figueroa Jr.’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Knowing that Jose Figueroa Jr. is a Zumba instructor, it can be a great exercise routine to shed pounds. Although he never specifically broadcast the exercise routine he follows, his being an instructor is enough giveaway to think it is an effective way to lose weight.

Jose Figueroa Jr.’s Before and After Weight Loss

Image of Jose Figueroa Jr. after the weight loss

Jose Figueroa Jr., after the weight loss.

The singer always updates his fans on his almost day-to-day weight loss journey. Unsurprisingly, with the amount of hardwork and dedication, he successfully reduced his weight to 160 pounds in just half a year.

Officially, Jose Figueroa showed him before and after pictures last April 7, 2021, on his Instagram account. He was still active and can be seen to motivate others to be fitter and more confident significantly.

Being a teacher, he no doubt enjoys sharing his experiences and enthusiasm with his students.

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