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Kelly Ann Cicalese Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Kelly Ann Cicalese before and after her weight loss

Kelly Ann Cicalese is a television personality specializing in meteorology. She is currently employed at WCVB 5, located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Her expertise when it comes to heavenly bodies is rooted in her education at Rutgers University, wherein she graduated as a meteorologist. Also, she was able to hone her skills in newscasting because she was a part of the local television program of the university.

Because she is usually seen on television, viewers notice that she has lost some pounds. To know more about this, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article about her weight loss journey.

This article is about Kelly Ann Cicalese’s weight loss details. Cicalese’s looks before and after weight loss.


Kelly Ann Cicalese’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Kelly Ann Cicalese after losing weight

Kelly Ann Cicalese after losing weight

Kelly Ann Cicalese has been on a constant weight loss journey because of her job as a newscaster. According to sources, being on television adds 10 pounds to a person’s weight.

Therefore, she must be attentive regarding her weight because it might not look good on the television. Moreover, the meteorologist mentioned that she is losing weight for health benefits and that slimming down is only a bonus.

Kelly Ann Cicalese’s Diet Plan

The diet plan of Kelly Ann Cicalese was not declared to the public as of this writing. However, it was discovered that she is very strict regarding the food she consumes.

She is making sure that she is aware of the contents of the foods she eats to ensure that they will healthily fuel her body. Moreover, she is leaning towards fruits, vegetables, and lean meat to help her metabolism be steady.

The meteorologist once mentioned that she is not a fan of fast and processed foods because she does not know their contents of them. It also contains many calories, which is unhealthy for a person’s well-being.

Kelly Ann Cicalese’s Workout Routine

Kelly makes sure to curate a workout routine that is simple and sustainable. She said that walking helped her best when it came to maintaining her ideal weight.

She goes to the gym to complement her daily walks when she has extra time. According to sources, her goal is to reach 10,000 steps per day, which doctors most recommend.

Also, her job requires a lot of movements, sometimes serving as her exercise throughout the day. Kelly said that it is okay not to be strict regarding her activities because the important thing is she’s moving.

Kelly Ann Cicalese’s Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of Kelly Ann Cicalese is not far from each other because she has been in good shape ever since. All she needs to do is to maintain her ideal weight through healthy eating and consistent movement throughout the day.

She has been inspiring a lot of people when it comes to her figure. The viewers mentioned that despite her busy schedule, she is truly unique in maintaining her physical appearance.

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