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Kelly Cass Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Kelly Cass before and after her weight loss

Kelly Cass is a famous television personality from the United States of America. She is a meteorologist from The Weather Channel, commonly known as TWC, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

For her education, she graduated from Adelphi University in Long Island, New York, with a degree in communications. Additionally, to be a certified meteorologist, she went to Mississippi State University.

People who frequently watch the news noticed that Kelly Cass went through a weight loss journey. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about the journey of the newscaster, including her routines and results.

This article is about Kelly Cass’ weight loss details. Cass’ looks before and after weight loss.


Kelly Cass’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Kelly Cass after losing weight

Kelly Cass after losing weight

People who are following the life of the newscaster criticized her weight gain. However, Kelly quickly answered it by saying that gaining weight when pregnant is as normal as breathing.

The journalist made sure to document the changes in her body when she went through four pregnancies as of this writing. She said that nothing is excused when it comes to one’s health because everything is possible with exemplary dedication and motivation.

She said that it was first taxing for him to share her weight loss journey because she knows how disrespectful people are when weight is on the table. However, she realized that she needed to speak about it so that people would be inspired to do something about their post-partum bodies.

Kelly Cass’ Diet Plan

The diet plan Kelly Cass after her pregnancy, mainly consists of fruits and vegetables because she is a breastfeeding mother. The newscaster wants only the best when it comes to her baby; that is why she decided to consume only healthy foods that would be beneficial for her and the children she looks after.

Therefore, the newscaster said that water helped her the most in flushing toxins out of her body. Additionally, while being a full-time mom, she makes sure that she feeds her children healthy foods so that they will grow up strong and healthy.

Kelly Cass’ Workout Routine

Image of Kelly Cass going on a bike ride to exercise

Kelly Cass going on a bike ride to exercise

Kelly Cass’ workout routine mainly consists of household chores. Being a mom requires her to look after everything in their home; thus, she is constantly moving throughout the day.

Sometimes, she finds time to do light exercises when her children are busy doing something. As a mom, she has to be resourceful; that is why she lets her kids play while she enjoys doing her own thing.

She is an admitted gym rat wherein she has to manage her time and leave the house in order before hitting her reps. Her visit to the gym had an outstanding contribution to her weight loss journey.

Kelly Cass’ Before and After Looks

Every pregnancy’s before and after looks of the journalist are far different from each other. On her latest labor, the news anchor shared that she was able to lose more or less 17 kilos after being a frequent visitor to the gym.

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