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Kevin Belton Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Kevin Belton before and after his weight loss

Kevin Belton is an American chef, television personality, author, and educator. Belton is a self-taught chef; he mostly learned from watching his mother and late grandmother’s way of cooking as a child in New Orleans.

The Belton clan is descended from people who lived in England, France, North America, and Africa. His mother’s family is originally from the island of Martinique, part of the French Caribbean.

In contrast, his father’s family hails from the Bayou Lafourche region in South Louisiana, which is close to Thibodaux. A significant part of Kevin attributes his soulful cooking to his rich background and ethnicity.

As a cooking instructor for almost 30 years, he exerted much effort to teach his beloved apprentices and audiences how to create exquisite New Orleans cuisine. After much thought about the direction of his career, he tentatively concluded teaching to venture on the promise of reaching a broader audience through television.

Belton’s show, New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton, debuted on WYES-TV in 2016. Belton’s second national TV show, Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen, premiered in 2018.

The PBS show includes recipes from his mother and grandmother and local delicacies and meals that symbolize the New Orleans area’s melting pot culture, such as dishes combining various foreign ingredients from Greece, South America, and Vietnam.

This article is about Kevin Belton’s weight loss details. See Belton’s before and after weight loss.


Kevin Belton Weight Loss Journey

Image of Kevin Belton after losing weight

Kevin Belton, after losing weight

Kevin Belton’s weight loss was not an overnight transformation. He was overweight for most of his life, exposed to delicious food, and had grown up in a culture that perpetuates being overweight. Still, Kevin decided to lose weight because he was diagnosed with a severe prediabetes health condition.

His condition exposed him to greater possibilities of manifesting major health complications such as high blood pressure and heart-related diseases. Therefore, he took it upon himself to alter his lifestyle and diet to achieve weight loss. Belton supposedly lost 100 pounds from his weight loss journey by maintaining an active lifestyle, portion control, and decreasing carb intake.

Kevin Belton’s Surgery for Weight Loss

The American chef’s incredible weight loss sparked rumors that Belton might have undergone gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. Seeing as he was well over 300 pounds before, most people deem his drastic weight transformation to be seemingly unattainable.

However, Kevin confirmed that he had not undergone any weight loss surgery and only had the advice of his physician, who aided him in his weight loss journey.

Kevin Belton’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Belton does not have an overly strategic weight loss plan. As stated earlier, it is more about eating in recommended meal portions and incorporating low-carb yet filling foods into your diet.

Being a pre-diabetic person, he was most likely ordered by his doctor to reduce dairy and sugar intake as well as it can increase inflammation and hinder one from achieving weight loss.

Kevin Belton’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Kevin revealed that he does daily exercises with his lovely wife and adorable puppy, Cookie Monster, throughout the entirety of the pandemic. Most of the activities he had done were home-based as expected to adhere to the quarantine protocols.

Kevin Belton Before and After Weight Loss

Kevin’s 100-pound weight loss is truly a sight to behold. The chef has never looked healthier and fitter than he ever did; Kevin appeared to be more enthusiastic in his television appearances too.

Despite how far he has gone with his diet, he revealed that he still has way more to go in his weight loss journey. Nonetheless, people proudly commend Kevin for impeccable cooking and motivation.

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