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Home » Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Surgery

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Surgery

Image of Leva Bonaparte's before and after the weight loss

Businesswoman Leva Bonaparte is of Indian descent and was born on May 3, 1979. Her family’s influence in business made her put up her own and pursue the same career in the field.

Leva Bonaparte made her on-screen debut as a reality TV show Southern Charm cast member. The show features the lives of seven high-profile figures in the neighbourhood of South Carolina in Charleston.

Bonaparte and her husband Lamar moved to Charleston for the reality TV show, which aired in 2014. Bonaparte became part of the show until 2020.

Fans were attached to Leva Bonaparte as she shared her personal life on-screen. Bonaparte had issues with her second child’s pregnancy and had shown the media her prowess in business as she was able to operate four restaurants and other companies.

Aside from her appearance in the reality show, Bonaparte enjoys various hobbies and activities outside her career. She loves the same activities we all do casually in our free time, such as watching movies and travelling, and she even expressed that she enjoys reading books.

Bonaparte may have been described as an independent woman for her solo pursuit in her career led her to such success.

Leva Bonaparte’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte is an American actress, model, and TV personality.

Leva Bonaparte is a natural beauty. Her gorgeous appearance and curvaceous figure characterize her.

However, due to her pregnancy, she had experienced gaining weight. Compared to before, when she’d gain weight that she would eventually lose afterwards, Bonaparte expressed that the weight gained from her pregnancy was the heaviest she had been.

As simple as she is, Bonaparte as a mother to her child did not mind the weight gain and considered it a natural thing to experience. People from the internet thought.

Otherwise, Leva Bonaparte had to share body shaming from her Instagram account as she posted pictures of her weight gain. Her strong personality helped her to withstand the haters, and she emphasized that it is okay to look chubby on TV and told the public that all body shapes must be appreciated.

Eventually, Bonaparte decided to lose weight thus, she started her weight loss journey right after she had her highest importance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Leva Bonaparte’s Weight Loss Surgery

Leva Bonaparte admitted that she struggled with losing weight by simply diet and exercise, she decided to meet with plastic surgeon Dr Clayton Crantford. Bonaparte underwent some weight loss procedures and other enhancements such as Liposuction, BOTOX, and other services.

Leva Bonaparte’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

The businesswoman had terrible eating habits during her pregnancy that led to an increase in her weight. Soon after her horrible experience with body shaming, she decided to eat healthily and cut some carbs.

Leva could not share a specific diet, but she said she had been eating better by going natural and being hydrated.

Leva Bonaparte’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Leva Bonaparte started doing cardio for five days at approximately 40 minutes per session. Not enough information was shared about her exercise routine, but Bonaparte could shred 20 pounds just by cardio exercises alone.

Leva Bonaparte’s Before and After Weight Loss

Leva Bonaparte had received many hate comments, yet she did not stop working hard to achieve her goals. It was a blessing in disguise for Bonaparte to lose ¾ of her gained weight.

Her extreme weight gain led to a transformation, not only in her outside appearance, but she became stronger than ever. Her belly became slimmer, her arms, thighs, and legs were smaller in size, and her face was more prominent.

She looked younger, healthier, and stronger.

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