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Home » Lynette Romero Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Lynette Romero Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Lynette Romero before and after her weight loss

Lynette Romero is a journalist and one of the admirable news anchors. She fell in love with journalism when she was young.

As soon as she graduated from college, Lynette began serving as a reporter at KVUE-TV. A year after, she worked at KUSA-TV, where she first became a reporter before being promoted to a general assignment reporter.

She then switched to Denver and covered numerous stories that piqued the interest of everyone, including the visit of the Pope in 1993, the incident in Oklahoma City, which is the bombing of the Federal Building, and the stand-off in Waco. Lynette moved to KTLA station as a reporter and an anchor.

During her first year in KTLA, she received a Golden Mike Award for establishing the Public Schools: Working the System. Her second Golden Mike Award was for her work in the Access Los Angeles, The Latino Experience show.

She then won an Emmy Award for her production and reporting in the series, From Farm to Fork. Until now, she is still in KTLA Station and enjoying the long-term career she has.

This article is about Lynette Romero’s weight loss details. Romero’s looks before and after weight loss.


Lynette Romero Weight Loss Journey

Image of Lynette Romero after her weight loss

Lynette Romero after her weight loss

In January 2020, Lynette Romero had a chance to share her struggles with her body weight. She later talked about the issue in detail on her Instagram account.

Since Lynette was young, she had already been facing some weight issues, and as she grew older, she had no more time to care about her health anymore. Then one day, she consulted a doctor who told her that she looked stressed and did not look fit.

Her doctor gave her some steps she needed to follow; she soon kept track of the strict fitness that the doctor advised her. As time passed by, she admirably saw the result eventually

Lynette Romero Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Lynette Romero's healthy diet

Lynette Romero’s healthy diet

Intermittent fasting is not easy, unlike any other diet plan as this will make you feel starvation, but Lynette Romero gradually get used to it, and she is now only have one meal a day. Her doctor recommended she follow intermittent fasting, which does not specify which foods you need to consume.

Still, it entirely restricts you from eating at in exact time.

Lynette Romero Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Lynette Romero did not reveal any details about her exercise routine. She might have personal work put or not, as she did not share any word about exercise.

We will update this article immediately once Lynette discusses something about her exercise routine. For now, she only focused on her intermittent fasting, where in she initially refused eating for 15 hours and eventually became 20 hours.

Lynette Romero Before and After Weight Loss

Lynette Romero started her weight loss journey in the mid of 2019, and at the end of the same year, her determination and discipline paid off as she lost 50 pounds. Although she lost remarkable weight, she continued to follow the strict plan that the doctor gave her to maintain her weight and become fit as much as possible.

Before, we can notice that Lynette’s body is heavy and massive. After going through her program, her figure became slim, and her waist also became smaller.

We can also see that the slight plump on her face is already gone and toned down. Her current weight is now approximately 59 kilograms.


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