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Malena Tudi Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Malena Twitch before and after her weight loss

Malena Tudi is a famous streamer on Twitch and a YouTube content creator under the name of Sodapoppin. She celebrates her birthdate every 25th day of March with the birth year of 1996.

She was born in Bergen, Norway, but is living in Austin, Texas, as of this writing. Her following on her social media accounts is continuously growing as she regularly streams her games and uploads videos.

As a social media personality, many onlookers are curious about what occurred in the weight loss journey of Malena Tudi. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about her diet and workout plans, including her before and after looks.


Malena Tudi’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Malena Twitch after losing weight

Malena Tudi, after losing weight.

The weight loss journey of the famous YouTube content creator started officially during the pandemic. Previously, she already attempted to indulge herself in healthy living; however, it did not become successful because of temptations.

According to sources, the pandemic enabled the prominent figure to eat whatever she wanted. But she later became insecure, which pushed her to take her diet plan and workout routines seriously.

The content creator made sure to include people in her journey by posting her progress on her social media accounts. It was because she wanted to serve as inspiration for the people who seem to have the hope they have in weight loss.

Malena Tudi’s Diet Plan

Image of Malena Twitch's healthy diet

Malena Tudi’s healthy diet

Malena did not disclose anything about her diet plan. Nevertheless, she sometimes shares what she eats daily on her social media accounts.

Her meals are mostly comprised of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and other healthy options. She decided to eliminate junk food from her diet because it only adds up to her weight.

She said that it is essential to have a balanced diet so that her efforts to lose some pounds would not be put to waste. Furthermore, Malena mentioned that she is not a fan of restricting herself from the food she wants as long as it is consumed in moderation.

Malena Tudi’s Workout Routine

Being an online personality, a lot of people are putting their eyes on her. That is why it is a part of her job to show them behind-the-scenes happening with her life.

The YouTuber frequently shares about her workout routine on Facebook. She is mainly focused on cardio based on the snippets she chose to share.

Malena Tudi’s Before and After Looks

People admire the dedication of the content creator when it comes to her fitness. According to the public, her weight shed looks good on her.

The famous twitch streamer went from 257 pounds to 179 pounds. Losing 78 pounds is a massive achievement for people who are trying to reduce their weight.

Besides being a famous gamer, she is also an inspiration for people who wants to alter their way of living. According to sources, Malena encourages them to start as early as possible because they will be the ones who will benefit from it.

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