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Home » Margaret Cho Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Margaret Cho Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Margaret Cho before and after her weight loss

Margaret Moran Cho is a female artist, comedian, activist for the rights of LGBT, and a musician from the United States of America. People remember her through her stand-up routines, which focus on sociopolitical issues, specifically sexuality and race.

Her first professional work was her role in All-American Girl, which was aired on ABC. She is proactive regarding interracial people, women, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The multitalented artist is frequently seen on television; thus, people notice a change in her physical appearance. Did she undergo a weight loss surgery?

Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to discover more about Margaret Cho’s weight loss journey.

This article is about Margaret Cho’s weight loss details. Cho’s looks before and after weight loss.


Margaret Cho’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Margaret Cho after losing weight

Margaret Cho after losing weight

Some roles require Cho to be of a certain weight; that is why she needs to be versatile because of her line of work. According to sources, the main reason she lost weight was due to her job requirements, which differ for each character she portrays.

However, because of her enthusiasm to sign a contract, the actress took the shortcut and drank slimming pills, which caused her kidney failure. It is also one of the reasons why Margaret went through a weight loss journey.

Margaret Cho’s Diet Plan

The diet plan of Margaret Cho is mainly composed of a calorie-deficient diet. According to the musician herself, she turned to basics when she decided to take her weight loss journey seriously.

She used to be dependent on fast food chains because of their convenience. However, because of the illness she got because she was obsessed with weight loss, she decided to drop it all at once.

Margaret Cho’s Workout Routine

Another vital factor in losing weight is engaging in a workout routine. When Margaret was sized more significantly than her current weight, she was admittedly obsessed with the idea of being slim.

Therefore, she said she tires herself off by sweating as much as possible. Her most frequent workout routine is walking because it burns a lot of fat.

Additionally, her line of work is a big help in her weight loss journey because it enables her to move around. She said that she is forced to keep moving throughout the day because of its requirements.

Margaret Cho’s Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of Margaret Cho are far from each other because of the illness she caught while trying to lose weight fast. According to sources, she lost 13.5 pounds of weight in two weeks.

The number of fats she lost was not healthy because it was all sudden. Also, the slimming pills took a toll on her health because her kidney failed.

This shows that being an actress is difficult because you need to adjust your holistic self to the role you aim to portray. Margaret’s eagerness put her in a dangerous situation that cost her life.

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